Fashion Friday: Bridal Jewelry Trends

We thought for this months Fashion Friday we would bring in some of the smaller in size, higher in price accessories that you ladies need and want for your big day! Derek from Wilson Diamonds joins us with a look at current bridal jewelry trends!

The wedding day is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. She wants to look as amazing as possible for such an unforgettable moment. Today, we’re bringing you Fashion Friday Bridal Jewelry Trends. We want to help you choose a trendy necklace and earrings for your special day. And, we explore the latest trends in engagement rings, that one piece of jewelry you plan to never take off during your lifetime.

Trending Engagement Ring Styles


The halo-style engagement ring was popular in 2013, and is still trending today. These vintage style rings appeal to those who want their center diamond to appear bigger than it really is. Many brides also say that this particular style enhances the sparkle of the ring. 


The cushion-cut engagement ring has become even trendier than the ever-popular princess-cut in 2014. This style is a mixture of cuts and Old European antique cuts. Brides say it has a romantic appeal because of its rounded, soft edges. Combine them with a halo-style cut for an incredibly unique look.


Interested in a little vintage charm? The emerald-cut engagement ring is for you. Stylish celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Ciara wear these style rings because of their timeless beauty and versatility. It gives off a striking silhouette appeal with its regular shape and facet pattern.

Necklace Trend

ubbabalonefrom various Etsy Designers

Blue is really trending with brides in 2014, and abalone, with its shimmering pearl beauty, fits into that mix. Why? Well, beside from its color, it’s generally inexpensive, made of organic material and always looks exotic. Jewelry designers such as Arunashi, Jacquie Aiche and Isharya use them in their collections these days.

Earring Trend


These days, brides have come to prefer earrings that are subtle enough as to not take attention away from their wedding gowns. Yet, they still want them to enhance the natural beauty in the faces, as well as their wedding day makeovers. Stud earrings, stick or bar motifs and other sleek, simple silhouette styles. 



Hot Air Balloon Groomals {Whitney + Jed}

We are so excited to share with you today’s fun and unique groomal session shot by Talia Photography! The setting takes place at Ogden Valley Balloon Festival and involves hot air balloons! We can’t get over this unique setting and the shots of all of the balloons in the air is just breathtaking! A bit more behind the story from Talia:

“After attending the Ogden Valley Balloonfest a few years ago I was in awe. When I found out that they were going to have the balloonfest this year, after a 5 years break, I knew I wanted to plan groomals around it. I wanted to keep the shoot fun and simple by focusing on the couple’s love and the bright colored hot air balloons. With a simply gorgeous lace gown from Gateway Bridal and a custom suit from Express, and a couple in love, we were ready. During the shoot, as the sun was rising and the balloons were blowing up, we were approached by a pilot to ride in his balloon! We all couldn’t pass this once in a lifetime opportunity!”
Balloonfest_00-3 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_2 Balloonfest_00-18 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_1 Balloonfest_00-21 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_3 Balloonfest_00-26 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_4 Balloonfest_00-31 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_5 Balloonfest_00-42 Balloonfest_00-50 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_6 Balloonfest_00-62 UtahBrideBlog_HotAirBalloonGroomals_7 Balloonfest_00-90 Balloonfest_00-91


Miranda & Ryan: Sundance Utah Wedding

We have so many great photographers here in Utah, but one of our favorites is Jimmy with Gideon Photography. We are not the only ones either, this guy hails from southern Utah but is in demand all over the state, country, and world! We love that he shares his beautiful Utah weddings with us! Miranda & Ryan’s beautiful Sundance wedding push onto the screen some fall inspiration! It is getting to be that time of year! We loved how well the rustic details blended in with the natural beauty of Sundance. Miranda joins us with a little bit of her love story!

Ryan and I met through his sister; she and I were attending nursing school together. Once I was finally able to talk him into going on a date with me we quickly fell in love and knew we wanted to be together forever. I didn’t have any particular venue set in mind like I think many girls do. But I did know who I wanted as my photographer, Gideon Photography. I had seen his work many times and remembered it distinctly. That was the only part of our wedding we were truly set on. From there everything else sort of fell into place. We were going with the rustic theme and I was thrilled when we came across the Redford Center at Sundance. The burlap, gold, orange, and mint color scheme perfectly complimented this place. Once I saw that we would be married with the tall trees surrounding us and the beautiful tall mountains behind us it really sealed the deal. I like to create things and spent a lot of time putting together every little detail, and the time spent paid off. I couldn’t have imagined this day turning out any better than it did– everything came together perfectly!


Utah Groomals {Christina + Matt}

Good morning! Today we have a gorgeous groomal session shot by Jessie Alexis Photography at Tuscany and also in the mountains. Christina and Matt are such a beautiful couple and we are smitten with all of these beautiful images!

Christina and Matt were introduced four years ago at a wedding. Christina was a
bridesmaid and Matt came as an escort to his mother. After meeting they
casual dated off and on for three years until Christina was ready to take
it to the next level. Later, Matt decided to further his education and pursue a PhD
in Florida. He proposed by sneaking home and surprising Christina while
both families were present. These two lovers just got married on August 8th at Tuscany the restaurant and are now happily soaking up the sun
as a married couple in Florida!


jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-1 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-5 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-2 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-4 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-8 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-9 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-12 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-10 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-13 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-11 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-16 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-18 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-19 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-20 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-22 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-24 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-25 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-26 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-29 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-30 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-31 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-32 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-34 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-35 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-37 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-38  jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-41 jessie_alexis_photography_bridals-42


Fall Engagements {Josh & Kayla}

Last week’s rainstorms made us so excited for fall! We are gearing up at UBB for the end of summer and are excited to share some fall posts with you. We loved these darling engagements photographed by Kylee Ann Photography in Logan Canyon. Josh and Kayla began their love many years ago in the halls of Mountain Crest High School and survived two years of love letters across seas to England. Obviously, it was worth the wait! Brides, are you excited as we are for fall?


Flower Recipe Friday: Blooms & Blossoms


It is our favorite Friday of the month!! We have a gorgeous bouquet from Blooms & Blossoms to share with you! We are smitten with the feminine colors and a little bit of contrast! Here is what Kelli had to say:

We are coming up on my favorite season. I love fall! Not only because of the weather but as a florist, I love everything fall has to offer for weddings. I enjoyed designing this bouquet because of the romantic fall feeling it radiates. The texture is just right and I love the deep and muted tones of the purple flowers. 

4F8A39444F8A39694F8A39504F8A3989 Thanks Kelli for sharing with us! We adore Blooms & Blossoms! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography for always sending us amazing images of our recipes! Check out these blooms Kelli used and have a great weekend!

flower friday 1



Utah Groomals {Chelsea + Cameron}

Meet the gorgeous couple Chelsea and Cameron! They saw each other at a party… he came and talked to her and never got her number and she kept wishing he would have. Then, the ended up driving along side each other down University Avenue and she knew it was her chance! So they started a conversation through the windows driving down the street… and the rest is history! We love their love story and love these gorgeous images of capturing that love by Chantel Marie!
UtahBrideBlog_Formals_1 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_11 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_2 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_5 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_3 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_4 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_6 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_7 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_12 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_8 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_10 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_13 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_9 UtahBrideBlog_Formals_14


Jessica & Kyle {Wedding Inspiration}

This styled groomal session is oozing romance and wedding inspiration so we had to share! It comes from Ali Sumsion Photography & V Photography, boasts clean new talent along with one gorgeous couple and some beautiful details!  We cannot get enough of the amazing fish tail braid and hair on this bride! The white walls and the wood stairwell are the perfect type of textured yet versatile and clean backgrounds!


Utah Woodsy Bridals

It really doesn’t need to be said that Utah is known for it’s gorgeous mountains. We al already know that, but that also doesn’t meant that we ever get sick of seeing beautiful forest settings. In fact they are probably one of our favorites! Paige’s stunning bridal session was shot in the woods just outside of Kamas. We love the way that Shannon Elizabeth Photography captured Paige in this setting. It’s also kind of obvious that we are completely obsessed with her wild and unique bouquet created by Lizy Bowden of Lizy’s Lilies. The color palette that was used + the shape is just gorgeous and perfect for a fall wedding!
021 UtahBrideBlog_UtahWoodsyBridals_1 011 UtahBrideBlog_UtahWoodsyBridals_3 060 UtahBrideBlog_UtahWoodsyBridals_4 037 046 UtahBrideBlog_UtahWoodsyBridals_5 074 094 089


Country Engagements {Keir & Lena}

It’s engagement Monday and we are slowly hitting the end of our summer months. We want to share a few last gorgeous summer posts with you before fall officially hits! We absolutely adored these engagements sent to us by Gideon Photography.
Keir and Lena are originally from Montana where they were introduced by mutual friends at an annual Fourth of July celebration at Flathead Lake. The pair instantly hit it off and spent the rest of the summer hiking, floating, and getting to know each other, maximizing their time together before Keir moved to Utah for work. They maintained a long-distance relationship by visiting each other often and filling their time together with new adventures: skiing, traveling, attending music festivals, paragliding, camping, and hiking. Lena moved to Utah two years later, and they continue to explore the state together. Their story will come full circle when they marry next summer on the gorgeous Montana property of the friends who introduced them.
Now isn’t that the cutest love story? Now feast your eyes on their gorgeous engagement session!