Flower Recipe Friday: Centerpiece with Honey of a Thousand Flowers

Flowers are such an important detail for any wedding, be it small or big. They are that detail that makes the celebration romantic and bridal. We are lucky enough to have several amazing floral designers here in Utah and we house 5 of them here on UBB’s preferred vendor list. These amazing designers provide us with the recipes we give you each month! These recipes give you a look at the ingredients of some of their amazing work and some inspiration of course!
Today Sarah windward from Honey of a Thousand Flowers is showing us the ingredients behind a beautiful floral Table-scape! It’s enough to make anyone want to wed again! Sarah is an internationally sought after designer and we are so lucky to have her here! Thanks to Lindsey Orton Photography for the pictures!

To me this tablescape is a great display of mid-summer. Most of the delicate blooms have stop blooming but roses are still sticking around, vines are covering everything, and fruit is hanging from the trees. I have tried to capture that feel in this arrangement. 

I used soft peach and pink tones mixed with some mauve toned roses to sort of muddy up the color palette and make it not quite so sweet. On long tables I like to have more than one floral arrangement so that the flowers continue all the way down the table and make the whole setting feel lush and full. I’ve accented these with some seasonal fruit, both edible and not. I’ve included crab apples and figs coming out of the arrangements, and filled a compote with gooseberries to accent the flowers with. I like running vines between everything to create the wild garden feel that I love so much. 

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Wedding Wednesday: Backyard Kitchen Wedding

Not everyone wants a big wedding, in fact some of us here at UBB prefer the more simple kind personally. We are all different, and this blog is about providing you inspiration that caters to all of you brides, and all your differences! Today Alix Loosle shares with us a beautiful backyard kitchen table wedding that she styled and created, its intimately charming. Not only are the details beautiful the mood and personality coming out of this couple is beautiful. They are simply happy, and they need no more than that! We loved that it feels like breaking bread with friends who cherish you as a couple! Cheers! Here is what Alix had to say:

When coming up with the concept for this shoot, I really wanted it to be very casual and easy going, as if the couple just decided to get married in their backyard, have a few friends over for dinner, and use their kitchen table/chairs. I was very inspired by Kinfolk and really wanted to put an emphasis on the food. So, we decided to use food that looked home-cooked, and used recipes as takeaway gifts. When picking the floral for this shoot, we really struggled because the garden was so colorful already.. so, instead of trying to mute down the flowers, we decided to use colors/flowers that looked like they could have been picked from the garden themselves. We wrapped the bride up in the garland before setting it on the table, which really made her look like she had grown straight from the garden herself. I love the way the entire shoot turned out so wild, yet I feel everything was tied together with the home-grown look/feel. 


Simply Gorgeous Groomals {Caitlin & Jason}

Today we have a simply gorgeous groomal session by Jessica White Photography to share with you all! We are loving the dreamy light and the classic style of these images that will for sure stand the test of time! Caitlin is a natural beauty and we are just swooning over her whole look. From the soft wavy hair to her lace gown from Alta Moda Bridal! And lets not forget how dapper Jason looks in his classic black and white suit!


CJformals-9 CJformals-18 CJformals-28 CJformals-13 CJformals-34 CJformals-35 CJformals-37 CJformals-44 CJformals-46 CJformals-49 CJformals-54 CJformals-70 CJformals-73 CJformals-76 CJformals-80 CJformals-81 CJformals-89 CJformals-91 CJformals-96 CJformals-98 CJformals-107 CJformals-108 CJformals-114 CJformals-116


Tandem Bike Engagements {Kevin & Lauren}

They say blind dates don’t work, but for these two a blind date is what it took! He works for a tech company and she is a fashion blogger, he’s used to the sun and she’s used to the snow, it took some persistence on his part but she finally agreed to a set up by mutual friends! The blind date did it’s trick and they’ve been together ever since! We love these tandem bike pictures taken by Lori Romney Photography!loriromneyphotography_3767















Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial: Flowers

Our summer editorial week is coming to an end, and in so many ways that saddens us, it has been a week full of beautiful inspiration and the work of an incredibly talented team with great insight and advice to share with you! We always finish strong here at UBB so today we share floral with you, a wedding element especially loved by brides and our readers! Audrey with Studio Stems joins us to lend her own insight to our summer editorial week. It was a pleasure to have Studio Stems on board this shoot, they are long standing event floral experts and a huge talent here in Utah

White wedding floral is making its way back on the scene in a subtle way, a style that was trendy years ago became less common when color took front and center stage and now the classic timelessness, the simplicity and clean look, is coming back like a dark horse disguised white! Because white is heavily associated with weddings, namely the bridal gown, white floral can so easily be done in such a way that sends it disappearing into the dress, the linens, or other decor rather than creating the accessory it really should be. So when I began conceptualizing floral designs for this shoot I knew two things …… first that I wanted a lot of texture brought into the bloom selection, and that I was going to play up that green in a contrasting way! 

I worked closely with Amanda from Recycled Design on the table design and concept to ensure it represented both of our crafts well and introduced some new styling inspiration to UBB readers. We used a garden grown heart vine hanging off the table off center, it brought not only texture to the table that was needed to soften it but also some interest. The floral centerpiece was created in a gold metal caged glass cylinder and included a lot of planned texture and fullness but it also was used on the side of the table rather than the middle, it created balance when the whole experience was looked upon, rather than balance solely on the table, a styling contribution to the whole aesthetic ensemble. 

The bouquet was again created with classic white blooms but with texture in mind and some needed contrast of green foliage. This sets the bouquet off the gown and allows it to be the ultimate bridal accessory it was intended to be. We kept the textures soft however, conducive to the style of the gown and the shoot. The little boutonniere on the groom is a charmer, a ruffly scabiosa paired with some foliage this little guy also fits the style of the shoot without being too feminine for a gent to wear! 

Thanks to Studio Stems and our whole team one more time! Especially our talented and incredible photographer Lindsey Shaun! We cant leave you without one more look at the talents of Kale Fitch in way of our summer ’14 editorial film! Check out the links to the entire team in our vendors & sources section below.



Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial: Details

Today we hone in on some of the finite details surrounding our summer editorial shoot! A look at the subtle magic that brings it all together, ties up some of the loose aesthetic ends and inspires you to do something different with some of your big day details! We start today where it all begins for your guests …… a close up look at the organic and simple invites from Pink Piggy Design and then onto something superbly sweet with Rue De Lis Desserts!

details5details4details9details1We have seen a plethora of wedding styles come and go over our careers in the wedding industry and each facet seems to flow in and out of trends including invites! Such an important design element for your big day, it is the very first impression your guests receive and it should speak to the style, mood, and aesthetic of your wedding. Megan with Pink Piggy Design joins us today with some insight into these lovely invite designs from our shoot!

To fit the style of this editorial shoot I went with a simple and organic approach by using different textured stocks paired with white ink and a touch of watercolor. The trends in wedding invitations are moving way from tons of layers, pockets, and accessories and instead moving into a more simple feel that lets the style of printing and the typography tell the story. For this invitation suite we printed white ink on top of a natural kraft stock for an organic look.We also brought in a subtle water color painting to coordinate with the green elements in the table design. When working with your custom invitation designer don’t be afraid to mix and match paper textures, printing styles and even colored envelopes to come up with a truly custom suite that is unique to your style and event. 

details2details3When we are planning concepts, designs, and vendors for our shoots we really do think about ensuring that we offer our readers something new and different with each publication. We have brought in catering and a full menu, we have focused on drinks and even just on cocktails, we often times have had beautiful traditional wedding cakes and so much more! This time around we brought in a fantastic vendor who you could say is trending here in Utah! A talented artist with edibles Hilary at Rue De Lis caters to the sweet tooth. She brought plenty of sugar to the shoot but it all felt extremely natural and was incredibly delish! Here is what Hilary had to say about her craft on this shoot:

Incorporating your event’s color theme into your desserts is always doable and allows you to bring in an amusing and unique variety of flavors for your guests. Green is portrayed in this event with pistachio sandie cookies as well as a fresh key lime tart with toasted meringue swirled on top. Towers of white baked meringue dispersed with fresh mint offer a great way to bring height to your dessert array- an important aspect of planning a display that has balance and the ability to capture the eye. The “naked” vanilla bean cake with a homemade caramel glaze offers a beautiful alternative to the traditional wedding cake and presents a more appetizing glance at this stunning dessert.

details7details6details8We finish strong tomorrow with flowers! So stay tuned …… Thanks again to Lindsey Shaun Photography! 






Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial: Styling

We hope your enjoying our summer editorial week and that loads of inspiration is flooding your bridal minds! Thank you for joining us through the week! Today we focus on the styling behind our shoot! Stepping a little out of the box on this one, {we hope it will encourage some of you brides to do so as well} we brought in a stylist with brilliant eclectic style, and we want to introduce you to her!

We first came to know Amanda from Recycled Consign & Design after we reached out to her shortly after a peruse through her fantastic store in Cedar City, Utah. Only a few steps beyond the door we found ourselves smitten with the store design and products. We spent a good few hours exploring every nook & cranny of her eclectic ensemble, and knew that this stylist was one we had to work with one day! That was almost exactly a year to the day before our summer editorial shoot!

While bridal and wedding trends are prevalent in the industry each of you brides have individual style. Like your ideal home environment, your wedding is a expression of who you are and your own style.  Just like one might need to acquire an interior designer to style their home perfectly, it makes sense that a bride might need a wedding stylist to fulfill her dream wedding style. There are amazing and talented sources that deal with this need specifically and there are rental sources for furniture and other wedding staging needs, but a truly custom bride might need to reach a little beyond that and perhaps into the pocket of Amanda Hill, someone who can provide them a specifically styled experience full of custom selected elements.




Amanda took our vision and desired style along with a color palette and did her thing with it! She set the stage with a few anchor pieces starting with this custom 1960′s curved emerald headboard welded into an eclectic bench, a statement no less! She also hung huge Moroccan lanterns from the rafters in our natural light studio, to anchor the upswing of the whole design. A pedestal table with a glass top set the stage for what could be a more intimate and very custom styled wedding dinner.





She then built upon those anchor pieces with accessories and custom elements. A collection of vintage gather dinnerware graced the table creating depth with various textures and colors. Candlesticks, hexagon trays, and recycled mini glass vases added layers of delightful style. We especially loved the custom “U & I” lucite lettering, a product line custom designed by Amanda herself and available online and in her store. Perfectly suited to a romance the lettering wrote into the table perfect sense! More to come tomorrow from Amanda when we look at a hanging dessert buffet she styled with Rue De Lis!

styling5styling6styling7Thanks again to our amazing photographer, Lindsey Shaun. Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at the invitations and dessert buffet.



Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial: Fashion

After our delish post yesterday you most likely have anxiously awaited more editorial goodness and we have patiently been stowing some beautiful images behind the scenes to share with you, no easy feat we tell you! The fashion elements fit seamlessly with simple perfection and natural beauty, today our fashion team joins us to break them down for you!

Lets start with our bride and her hair & makeup foundation from our talented friends over at Enizio where hair & makeup artistry is their craft and brides are their specialty.

Asia’s perfectly freckled complexion is easy to be in love with, letting her natural beauty shine through was top priority…sometimes, less is more. To enhance her eyes I focused on thick upper lashes while highlighting her tear ducts. This technique brightens and opens the eye. Pinks and greens contrast so well together so I couldn’t resist giving her a perfectly pink pout paired with flushed cheeks. - Lesley Lind, Makeup Artist

Not to many ladies these days walk around with a head full of natural-ness, Asia’s beautiful long natural red hair spoke for itself. The addition of soft romantic texture to pair up wiht the head pieces was all that she needed. - Anna Cosentino, Hair Artist


Our bride wore our simple styled fashion ensemble of organic goodness really well, from head to toe all adorned elements accented one another with cohesive style. From her Danani Handmade head-ware through her BHLDN gown and her organic handmade Katie Waltman Jewelry.

We were enchanted with the handmade head-pieces Danani provided us so we utilized more than one look that fit our style. A bohemian style veil is gonna be the piece that really blows your mind as you scroll through these beautiful images by Lindsey Shaun. We also used a lace headband and a gold almost Gatsby style head-piece, they all worked for this bridal babe and the style of the shoot, just goes to show you can change it up. Perhaps you wear that veil for the ceremony but you change it up for the reception!

BHLDN {pronounced “beholden”} is a special occasion brand dreamed up by Anthropologie. Their collection targets the bride who has not yet found what she is looking for, aiming for something simple but also a bit eclectic – something different. Comfortable quality fabric molded into a the kind of product we all have come to know and love at Anthropologie can be yours on your wedding day!

Sian Gown: Exquisitely embroidered and showered in delicate three-dimensional flowers, this silk gown is reminiscent of a summer garden in full bloom. From its pearl cluster centers to meticulous detailing, this Catherine Deane gown was made for the feminine bride. A BHLDN exclusive available at www.bhldn.com

Like with the head-pieces our jewelry was traded out for various looks throughout the shoot. A subtle accessory that like her makeup created more from less. Katie Waltman is a profoundly talented designer that calls SLC home, her collection can be found in her darling shop in the 9th district or online. Delicate gold chains and natural geodes and rocks graced our brides body to create subtle accent.


The final fashion accessory was the ultimate bridal accessory, the bouquet. Created by Studio Stems this organic bouquet will be discussed on Friday, so stay tuned! UBB is mostly about the bride but we go all out on our editorial grooms as well!

Nathan was styled by Beckett & Robb, one of our favorite local men’s fashion experts and custom suit producers.

Believe it or not, weddings at the end of summer and beginning of Autumn are one of the easiest times for a groom. The lighter colors common with these seasons, paired with accenting shades  in accessories like ties and pocket squares help add a punch of personality without looking like an ensemble that was used the night before at a high-school prom.

The point of the groom’s attire is beyond merely dressing appropriately; it ensures that all the focus he does get stays on him, rather than his clothing. It also should denote a level of intention and care, without venturing into the realm of obsession. After all, a man concerns himself with details but doesn’t lose sight of the overall picture.

The greys, browns, and greens pictured here perfectly frame our groom without making him look as if he’s screaming for attention. Notice how the buttons complement the shoes, and the square pulls a shade from the tie without matching it directly. These are the kinds of details that get noticed by everyone, even if it’s only subconsciously. – Tanner Guzy, Beckett & Robb

It’s his big day too, and most grooms have a fairly easy time wearing their suit after the ceremony, so there’s no sense in settling for anything inferior. For everything pictured above, we recommend seeing our friends over at Beckett & Robb. They’re the best at what they do and, while they’re picking up national steam, they’re homegrown in Utah and proud of it. It’s a win for everyone. 


We are gonna fish off today’s goodness with some of our favorite fashion images of our bride & groom. Stay tuned tomorrow for a in-depth look at out table and furniture styling by Amanda at Recycled design, its pure goodness too!



Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial

This is a brilliant one people. An editorial work unlike any that we have orchestrated and offered you thus far. We endeavor with each editorial to bring you something fresh and new to consider when looking at inspiration and this one falls right in line with the fresh and the new. Styled and crafted by a team of extraordinary talent and resources we are thrilled to start off this mid summer week with touches of emerald and ivory!

We begin with a video from one of the best local film talents, Kale Fitch Films. Video is just emerging past its frontier, becoming so relevant and necessary in our lives as we personally document experiences and work. A work becoming more present in weddings everyday. Kale brought some life to our party with some tunes and some laughs! A pure joy and gentleman to work with, not to mention an incredible talent. So take a few minutes to avoid your Monday to-dos and kick back to watch our magic happen through his magical work set to some groove.

If that was not enough we have some additional film to share with you, some still film from an equally profound local talent Lindsey Shaun Photography. Lindsey has a unique way of capturing people and countless years of experience behind her, a highly sought after local photography talent we were beyond thrilled to have her on the summer 2014 team. She brought to our editorial table her talents and a genuinely awesome personality creating comfort for our muses both human and otherwise.

We created our summer editorial in a natural light studio, it provided us a blank canvas with simple but great background texture to play out the crafts of our talented team and offer you a more simple look at the complexity of each disciplines art.

Amanda with Recycled Design graciously agreed to join us and bring her exceptional styling eye along with some modern elements to mix with collected vintage details. This southern Utah fiercely original talent brought her interior design and styling skills to the table, literally! And a new kind of talent to the wedding world as perhaps an unexpected but brilliant source.

It was so hard to compose this post and not have deep desire to credit our entire team in the text, we are going to restrain ourselves and encourage you to refer to our sources at the bottom of the post and keep coming back everyday as we break it all down and offer you the grit into this beautiful shoot. So without further ado …….



Flower Crowns

It’s flower friday and we are excited to look into flower crowns with the help of one of our preferred florists, Blossom Sweet. Take it away, Melissa!

tracy-hill-photographyHello UBB readers! I am excited to be able to share some of my work with you today. I’m not sure why exactly, but for some reason a seemingly high percentage of my clients request flower-crowns (also known as head-wreaths, headpieces, floral halos, etc.) as part of their floral design concepts. I am, of course, happy to oblige these requests.


There are so many different routes a bride can take with these pretty pieces. The overall aesthetic of the event along with the bride’s personal style will really determine the right path for the crown design. For example, the feminine and romantic bride with a garden-style event may choose a massive, over-sized design with full florals. Organic brides may be more minimal and request only foliage and perhaps a little pop of floral and filler. Contrast that with the traditional and sweet bride who could opt for a simple babies breath number, or the free-spirited bride who might choose a “wild-child” concept with lots of wispiness and an unruly vibe. As you can see from the photos in today’s post the options are abundant!

Now ‘What does a flower-crown cost?’ you may ask. It really depends on a few variables, including but not limited to: who creates it for you, what specific elements are included in the design, and the size/fullness of the piece. Keep in mind that head-wreaths often require a high level of very intricate work, so you are not only paying for product but for skilled labor and floral know-how as well.gideon-photography

alixann-loosle-photography-3Lastly, if a flower-crown seems like something you’d like to try but you’re not quite sure about wearing it on your big day, one option to consider would be to wear one just for your pre-wedding bridal portraits instead. That way, you’ll still get to have fun playing dress-up with one and get pretty pictures of yourself wearing it, but you can keep things a little more simplified on the day you say “I do.” Talk to your florist to decide what option would be the best fit for you.alixann-loosle-photography-2


Photo credits in order of appearance:

1. Tracy Hill Photography
2.  Tessa Barton Photography
3. Stephanie Sunderland Photography
4. Rebekah Westover Photography
5.  Ravenberg Photography
6.  Gideon Photography
7-9. Alixann Loosle Photography