Saraiah + Dallin {Mountain Groomals}

Lovely lovely are the words we would use to describe this mountain groomal session by Stephanie Sunderland. The light in the first shot is just so dreamy and beautiful! We love Saraiah and Dallin’s classic style that shines through in these images and of course we always love a great mountain side location! Thank you for sharing these lovely images with us Stephanie!
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At Home Engagements {Destin & Tracy}

Today’s featured engagement session is a little different from our usual features, and we love it! Tracy, the bride, submitted these beautiful images photographed by Meikel Reece. Tracy shared a little about her and Destin and their love story with us.

“Destin and I really wanted photos that reflect our regular lives, so we felt there was no place more appropriate to shoot than in what will be our first home! We spend most of our time relaxing on the couch, chatting/working/eating at the table, enjoying the building’s yard and grounds, or strolling our downtown neighborhood with little Oliver. So, that’s all that happens in the photos! Destin and I had lived two blocks apart and gone to the same church for a year before we ever spoke to each other. I mistakenly interpreted his shy and reserved nature as being too cool to give me the time of day, so we walked by each other countless times without ever saying a word. Luckily the magic of Tinder changed what could have been a permanent missed connection. We each recognized the other as “that cute person from church,” swiped right, and the rest was history.”



Flower Friday: Inside Studio Stems

UBB studio stems 1Studio Stems just moved into a new location in Lehi, their new studio vibe can be described in one old school word …. cool! So for today’s flower Friday we wanted to take you inside their new studio and bring Audrey {the owner} on to talk about all the changes going on at Studio Stems.

You could say I am a veteran in the wedding industry, we have been around for nearly five-teen years and our primary focus has always been wedding floral {something unusual way back that many years ago}. I have always endeavored to be a mover in style and trends in the industry, constantly looking for creative rejuvenation, education, and inspiration. This has allowed my business to be graced by continued success. The business has generated wedding floral out of various locations over the years and they have all served their purpose! Recently I found that we needed some changes to continue being the creative artists that we are and that I wanted some changes in the experience that my clients had in consulting and working with us, so we decided to move! 

ubb studio stems 2

Honestly I looked for a somewhere that fit our space needs, could be inspiring to us and to our clients, but I also looked for something close to home because first and foremost I am a mom! Our studio is located in the old downtown district of Lehi and you will mostly find me or my right hand gal Neena working here, its a small business with a personal focus on our clients. 

ubb studio stems 7ubb studio stems 4ubb studio stems 3

One of the most important areas to me is where our clients meet with us, I want them to experience what we are about, feel our vibe, and I want them more importantly to be comfortable and inspired! So when you first come in you will be greeted by our office and consult area. We want you brides to come in and sit down with us, be inspired and find out what a wedding event florist does. 

ubb studio stems 8

Most days you will find a cooler full of wedding floral and buckets full of blooms and foliage. You can also just pop by for a bloom or two for someone if needed. I really wanted to make sure our studio created a new impression on anyone who walked in the door, that a flower shop is not always a shop, that sometimes its more about design and custom work. It is all about getting back to the root of the word studio! I wanted the space clean and not cluttered so that inspiration could be felt clearly by us and our customers. 

ubb studio stems 13ubb studio stems 14 Your welcome to catch us working as well! I want our clients to see where magic happens and a little bit into how it happens. I also found that a lot of my clients really wanted to see our inventory options for vessels and other wedding decor needs so we brought in some open shelves to share a taste of what we have available. These shelves alone have provided endless inspiration to our clients who have already come in!

ubb studio stems 12

Being in a retail location created some opportunity to provide some gift options to locals but I was cautious in doing this and careful in what we selected as to maintain the integrity of who we are. I wanted to support some local artists so I brought in local hoodie designer Hoodie Love, Pribing Jewelry, Ann B Designs, and a local rock & gem collector Meera Andersen. You can also find Volupsa, Caldrea, KHall, Himalayan Trading Post, Paper Bandit Press, and 1 Canoe 2 at our studio. We have a collection of air plants, custom planted terrariums, and home decor available, as well as our give back Indi shirts that we sell to raise funds to help us be able to donate funeral floral to families who have lost children too soon. 

ubb studio stems 5ubb studio stems 9ubb studio stems 6

ubb studio stems 10ubb studio stems 11

That’s really it friends! Thanks for taking a look inside and thanks for having us on UBB! We love Utah brides and cannot wait to sit across our consult table from some of you special ones! 

Thanks Audrey for letting us publish the first public look into all the exciting changes going on at Studio Stems! You can catch their grand opening tomorrow {Saturday Sept 13th} from 10am-5pm at 29 N 100 W Lehi. They are offering 20% of all merchandise and will have good eats and good vibes to go around!


Floral Swing Bridals {Cody & Carli}

We have seen so many creative things done with flowers this year and we were so excited when we saw these gorgeous images from Kristina Curtis Photography. Wildflowerz Weddings and Events did a beautiful job creating the floral swing. We also love Carli’s open back dress from Gateway bridal!


Rocky Mountain Bridals

Those of us that hail from here in Utah know that one can always find the most beautiful little corners of the earth in our stunning mountain ranges. Studio Stems teamed up with some up and coming talents in the wedding industry to create a soft vs. hard bridal photo shoot. While we’ve loved the creamy pastel colors that have been on trend for the summer, we welcome the richer, darker colors of the changing season. The grey tones of the rock and the vibrant berry tones of the blooms were captured by Shayla Lilian and it all just speaks to our little romantic hearts! So eat YOUR heart out!


Mountain Groomals {Tory + Jonny}

One of the comments we hear all the time about groomals is that if you choose to do them then your dress wont be a surprise to your groom on your wedding day. This is true, however there are so many perks to doing a couples formal shoot before your wedding and the best part is that you can still have that moment (and have it captured) with your man. You can still surpirse your groom and have your photographer capture those first looks between the two of you in your formal attire. We just love this mountain groomal session by Cory Devenney and the back of Tory’s dress from The Perfect Dress is absolutely stunning!


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Southern Utah Engagements {Suj & Adria}

We don’t get a ton of red rock submissions here at UBB, so we were excited when we saw these engagements photographed by Gideon Photography in Southern Utah. Adria and Sujeet live in Washington, D.C., where they met, fell in love, and got engaged. They decided they wanted a “destination” wedding of some kind and finally settled on Adria’s hometown of St. George. They wanted to put a twist on the traditional southern Utah engagement photos by juxtaposing the beautiful outdoor surroundings with more formal attire.  Since they are both attorneys, they feel almost more comfortable in a suit and cocktail dress than they do in jeans anyway!  The couple will wed this fall in a traditional Hindu ceremony at Entrada at Snow Canyon.


Flower Friday: Peony Archive

We are reaching back into our early 2012 archives to bring you an article on of one today’s most popular bridal flowers, the peony, from Sarah Winward.

I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love peonies. I dare say peonies are the most sought after wedding flower, and for good reason. They are huge, they smell delicious, and they make everyone happy. Peonies are in the top price tier as far as wedding flowers go, but fortunately you only need a few to make your statement.

Their natural season is Spring to early Summer (usually April through mid-July). Because of the way the flower world works, this means that we get them October-December too because they are blooming in the southern hemisphere. We all wish that peonies stuck around all summer long, but they don’t. Sorry August brides-you can use garden roses as a similar option.

Here are short introductions to a few of my favorite varieties of peony. This is a general guideline to make you aware of some options, but keep in mind that they are a very seasonal flower and some of these varieties may be hard for your florist to get their hands on.

There are several variety of white peonies available, the most common being Gardenia and Duchess de Nemours. White peonies have such a classic beauty, they are beautiful in bouquets and vased arrangements. Keep these white varieties cool and out of the sun, the petals are fairly delicate.

peony11The most popular soft pink peony is the Sarah Bernhardt. These have endless layers of petals, they are full, soft, and very fragrant. The buds often have darker pink stripes and remind me of ice cream scoops!peony2

There are a few hot pink of fuschia peonies out there, it seems that most of them bloom towards the end of the peony season. These are often available into December too.peony3

The coral charm peony is an absolute favorite of mine. They are large and hot pink when they first open, They last quite a while, and as they age they fade to a soft peach. These are excellent with bright spring and summer color palettes, and are beautiful with fall bronzes too.peony4

The red charm is a champion peony. It is very strong as a fresh cut flower making it excellent for bouquets as it will last longer than most peonies out of water. Though beware, it is surprisingly heavy.

peony6The Bartzella peony is a yellow tree peony that is very seasonal. It usually at its peak towards the end of peony season. These are giant blooms that open quickly. They are a soft lemony yellow, and are fairly delicate, probably best to keep these in vased arrangements.



Tree peonies are available in the spring and early summer with the other peonies, but we see a large influx of Japanese tree peonies in our fall. They grow very well in New Zealand and a lot of them are brought here in October and November. These only have one later of petals so their opening must be timed perfectly. Because they are a bit fickle, this means they will cost a bit more than most peonies.

They come in white, pink, and burgundy.

Thanks to Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers for a great article that has lasted the test of time!

Photography by: Sarah Winward . Jessica Peterson . Leo Patrone . Kate Osborne




Millcreek Canyon Formals {Erik & Erika}

How would it be to fall in love with someone with a similar name as you? We loved that about these two! We love the gorgeous warm light in these photos captured by Jadie Jo Photography! Erika’s dress from David’s bridal is just darling and we love the pockets. Erik’s suit color is on trend right now and we think it’s fabulous!


Rainy Salt Lake Wedding (Tawnya & Matt)

Matt and Tawnya’s August wedding got caught up in the best of Utah’s later summer rain storms. Captured by Valory Jean Photography we are smitten by the changes in weather and one resilient couple!  The rain came and the rain went and they didn’t let it ruin their day! Their playful personalities paired with elegant and classy style came through in all the family contributed details. Tawnya’s brothers picked all of the pears from the family yard for her centerpieces and spray painted them themselves!

They were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple and held their outdoor reception at the Utah State Capitol courtyard. Each detail showed the couple’s thoughtfulness and love for each other, family, friends and good ‘ol fashioned fun! We love that the couple provided games and entertainment for their guests with words games, croquet, and of course dancing to top the night off! Thanks for sharing with us and congrats Tawnya & Matt!