Winter Engagements {Dylan & Alexa}

Winter can be freezing and miserable but if you brave the cold and find a willing photographer, it can make for some great engagement photos! We love when couples use bright colors for their winter engagements, it really pops against the snow! Haley Hodges Photography did a great job photographing this cute couple! These two love birds are high school sweethearts and are getting married on Halloween of next year!


Fashion Friday: Bridal Shoe Trends

There are so many fashion components to taking a walk down the aisle, and even more for the whole wedding shebang! We have focused our fashion Friday’s on various elements and often on the gown, but today we are focusing on that said walk down the aisle, and just how you are walking! The bridal shoe says almost as much about your wedding style as any other wedding component! A great bridal shoe is a must! Here are a few of our favorite bridal shoe trends!


Kukla Fashion


Lace, a timeless classic bridal gown fabric moves to foot! Be careful to either match the lace in your gown or accent your gown with lace shoes but beware of multiple lace patterns and styles that could clash. If your looking for just a touch of Lace this might be the right place!


alexandermcqueenAlexander McQueen


These perfectly “bow’d” shoes flow easily from the previous lace trend, where bows were also very present in the design. Valentino brought bows back with this beautiful bridal shoe and now they are all the rage in bridal fashion. We liked the soft nature of the Alexander McQueen ankle bow and a little color too!



jimmy chooJimmy Choo

Just like the lace took us right into the bows, the bling on those beautiful Valentino’s take us right into the next bridal shoe trend … bling. Be it glitter, diamonds, or metalic tones a little bit of bling is often just the right thing! You cannot go wrong with a pair of Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo’s


Thankful Thursday

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away, it is a beautiful time of year filled with a unique spirit of gratitude and giving, we hope that spirit is emanating in your souls as much as it is in ours! Today we continue our thankful Thursday posts with a continued tradition here at UBB, probably our most personal post of the year! A look at who we are, what is behind UBB, and what we are grateful for!


Writing a short paragraph about what I am thankful for is no easy task. There are so many things and people I would be nowhere without. I am so thankful for the love and support of my family, without whom I would not be where I am today. I am so thankful for the beautiful world we live in, I will never get tired of traveling and seeing new places and people. I am so thankful for the wonderful wedding industry we are in, especially our local vendors. As wedding vendors we have become a tight-knit community and it’s amazing to see the friendships and support systems that have formed. Lastly, I am so thankful for the lovely ladies that run Utah Bride Blog. Audrey and Megan have become some of my dearest friends and they feel like my sisters, I’m so thankful for all they have taught me!

- Lindsey Orton

Bailey Family 2014 091

I just love this time of year and what this month represents. There are so many things to be thankful for in our lives and taking time out from our busy lives to count all of our blessings is just what we all need. I really have so many things to be thankful for and some of them are the little things we don’t think about like being healthy and having a roof over our heads. Whenever I start thinking about the things I’m the most thankful for my thoughts always turn to my family. I would be nothing without them and they are the ones who keep me motivated and push me to reach my dreams. They are the ones who make me feel complete and fill my heart with so much love that at many times I think I might burst. What would any of us be without our families and the daily support they give us? Thank you so much to my two sweet (and sometimes naughty) little boys who love me no matter what. They teach me so much about what true unconditional love is and they make me strive to be better person and a better mom every day.

Thank you to my dear husband who is truly one of the bests. He is one of the hardest working people I know and a daily inspiration of what hard work and reaching for your goals can get you. Thank you so much for being there for me through all of my endeavors and crazy ideas! You love me and support me one everything I do and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thank you for being my best friend and always being my favorite person to hang out with. And most of all thank you for being the best dad to our boys. It’s no secret who is their favorite in this family!

Last but certainly not least… thank you to my dear friend and business partner, Audrey O’brien. We started this adventure almost 6 years and I couldn’t be happier with where it has gone and our continued friendship. I look up to you in so many ways from being such an amazing mom to being a hard working and dedicated business owner.  It’s so hard to find people in our lives that we can trust fully and know they will be there no matter what happens and I’m so lucky to have found that in Audrey. You are the other half to this UBB family and truly make it function! And thank you to our Assistant Editor, Lindsey Orton, who is beyond amazing and helpful in every way. I don’t know what we would do without you! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this dream of ours and thank you for always being the nicest person to work with!

- Megan Bailey

ubbthankIn trying to sum up my thoughts about what I am grateful for and in reflection of the last year I feel drawn to simplify the complexity of what I have experienced in the last year, and this is what I have come up with ….. 2014 was full, simply put. And so my heart is full, bursting actually with gratitude for my blessings and even recognition of how some of those blessings have come with a good deal of pain.

I expanded my family with the addition of our caboose in February, mr Jag. In doing this I also expanded the chaos! You know that saying that once you have 3 kids {or maybe its 4} it does not matter how many more you add it’s all the same?! Well for me the game changer was six! He tipped us into crazy! With that crazy and the intensity of managing the schedules of a family this size we have had to evolve as a family, and in some ways that has been a bit painful but it has also brought us all closer together and helped us learn to serve and support each other on a deeper level. I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow to connect more deeply with my husband and children and to work as a team to be the best family we can be! Thanks Nate for being my best friend and living this beautiful chaotic dream with me for the last 16 years! Jamaal, Storie, Stock, Saylor, Nox, & Jag you are the most incredible people in my world!

I have also been directly next to a lot of people I care deeply for as they went through really difficult things this past year. My heart has ached more for my family & friends this year than almost any other year I can think of. Time is the most fragile thing of all and love is the most valuable, and so I have become more aware of how I use my time, and I have loved, loved more than ever before.

While I am on a ‘what they say’ kick, you know how they say it takes a village to raise a kid? Well it also takes a community to be successful in business and I am so grateful to belong to such an amazing industry and community. My immediate “family” here at UBB is of huge support to me and I would not be nearly as successful without them. Megan Bailey you are a genius and I admire your brilliance daily, thank you for all your love and support. We have always made a pretty darn good team! We have an amazing staff here at UBB and they continue to play key roles in our growth and contribution to the local Utah wedding industry. Thank you Lindsey Orton for being a right hand gal to two gals at the same time, you always go above and beyond for us!

I sincerely hope and wish for all our UBB readers and supporters a deeper meaning in life, blessings in growth, time well spent, and a heart full of love. Happy Thanksgiving.

- Audrey O’Brien



Fall Wedding {Ali & Nick}

This beautiful wedding took place mid-November. It was laced with lovely gold details and a gorgeous vintage flair. The ribbon/bell exit from the temple was a magical touch, though Liz from Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen Photography says, “my favorite shot of the day was the groom, Nick’s, reaction to seeing his bride Ali for the first time just before their wedding eve celebration.” She did a wonderful job capturing this couple’s special day. The bride got her dress from Panache Bridal, and hair and makeup done by the lovely Versa Artistry.

ETF_2503 ETF_2531a ETF_2646 ETF_2668 ETF_2674 ETF_2697 ETF_2736 ETF_2787 ETF_2794 ETF_2799 ETF_2814 ETF_2822 ETF_2843 ETF_2853 ETF_2904 ETF_2993 ETF_3008 ETF_3105 ETF_3165 ETF_3369 ETF_3609 ETF_3628 ETF_3792 ETF_3837 ETF_3839 ETF_3914 ETF_3933 ETF_3961b ETF_4567 ETF_4611 ETF_4753 ETF_4797 ETF_4854 ETF_5013 ETF_5072 ETF_5136 ETF_5232 ETF_5361 ETF_5487

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Aspen Meadows Formals {Oriana & Phillip}

Oriana and Phillip’s formal session took our breath away. Jimmy, at Gideon Photography did a fabulous job capturing each moment and we absolutely love the way these photographs turned out. The session was held in Aspen Meadows at Wolf Creek and Blom Floral was responsible for the beautiful flowers.


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Fall Engagements {Randi & Sam}

We have been loving all the fall sessions that have been flooding into our inbox lately, we can’t wait to see all the winter sessions and weddings!
Randi and Sam are planning their wedding in Hawaii and took their engagements in the lovely This is the Place Heritage Park here in Utah! We love how simple and full of love this engagement session is photographed by Loblee Photography! It’s all about the love!


Thanksgiving Table With Sweet Little Peanut

Today we wanted to share this gorgeous Thanksgiving table with you that was recently designed by the main two gals here at UBB and created for Pottery Barn + Pottery Barn kids to go on the Pottery Barn Kids blog and our sister blog Sweet Little Peanut. It was too beautiful not to share pre-thanksgiving! Megan Bailey designed and styled this beautiful tablescape for both the adult table and the kids table, she works for and with Pottery Barn frequently and is becoming widely known for her styling skills, she enlisted the help of her partner here at UBB, Audrey with Studio Stems, to hang this cool manzanita branch along with adding floral and foliage to both tables. They knocked it out of the turkey field and we know you will draw inspiration from it as well! Like those beautiful gold place card leafs, pairings of floral and candles, and a table that we all want to sit at, thanksgiving, wedding, or otherwise. Photography by Becky Kimball.


Thankful Thursday {Thank you, Brides!}

We are so grateful to all of our readers who take the time to check out the blog on a daily basis! The Utah Bride Blog was created to help inspire, guide and educate local brides through their planning process and connect them with the best wedding professionals around! We want to show how much we appreciate you and on this Thankful Thursday we are giveaway something pretty amazing to one of our lucky readers! We have partnered with a few of our preferred vendors to giveaway a complete bridal session package!

The Goods:
1. A gorgeous bouquet designed just for you by Studio Stems.
2. Hair and Make-up by the wildly talented Gabby Gabbitas.
3. And And to complete the package, this bridal session or groomal session will be captured by the amazing Heather Nan Photography!

How is that for a fun giveaway?! Here are the rules to enter this fab giveaway:

1. Follow UBB on facebook, instagram and pinterest
2. Follow these vendors on instagram | @studiostems | @gabbygabbitas | @heathernan
3. Once you have completed the steps above leave a comment on this post letting us know what you are thankful for!

The winner will be announced on our facebook page next Thursday.


November Wedding {Kara & John}

Kara and John were married in the Draper Utah Temple and later had a small and intimate ring ceremony, dinner and reception at Pierpont Place in Salt Lake City. It started snowing as they were coming out of the temple and Valory Jean shot all their family and bridal party photos in it. It was cold and gorgeous.

Ashley from Pierpont Place did the decorations, cake, flowers for tables and her bouquet, and catering. Keara Wright can take credit for the beautiful hair and Megan Penrod her makeup.







































Forest Groomals {Emily & Mitch}

This fabulous couple’s names are Emily & Mitch. These two met on a a blind date that Mitch’s aunt set them up on; Emily is an athlete, plays soccer, and Mitch is fashion forward (even has had his own clothing line)! Lindsey Shaun did a wonderful job capturing these two lovlies. Emily’s beautiful gown is from The Bridal Closet and Mitch’s handsome suit is from H. M. Cole. We are super impressed with Mitch’s taste and the bold burgundy he chose for the special occasion. We love a good fitted suit and his is just that.  The color and fit are spot on as are his accessories as are the black bow tie and the sharp black dress shoes.