Kelley & Ryan: Wedding At Tuscany

Not many restaurants can truthfully put on an elegant wedding, we have a few beautiful locations here that serve up both a dining experience and a wedding experience, Tuscany falls into that category. We love it’s almost hidden and secret location and garden atmosphere! It was a perfect choice for Kelley & Ryan’s intimate summer wedding. Our favorite details ….. Kelley walking down the aisle with both her parents at her side, how she wore her grandmothers jewelry and shoes, and the sheer look of happiness on her face at her reception! Congrats Kelley & Ryan! Thanks to Tiffany Anderson Photography for sharing this darling Tuscany garden wedding with us!


Bohemian Bridals {Evelyn}

We love seeing bride’s personalities really shine through in their formal shoots; whether that be through the dress, the location, the hair, the flowers, or hairpieces, we love the way a bride defines themselves through different personal touches. The dreamiest bridal session came our way so we just had to share! Thanks to Alixann, from A Fresh Range, Evelyn’s boho bride vibe was beautifully captured. We are swooning over her amazing hairpiece by the lovely Lacielle Rosell and flowers from Lafete. We definitely get a taste of Evelyn’s personality in this shoot… and we love it!



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Mountain Engagements {Nick & Jenn}

Sometimes relationships are just meant to be! When you meet in the mountains doing something you love, it can’t be anything but fate! That’s exactly how this cute couple met. We absolutely adore their engagement session photographed by Jalene Taylor of J. Taylor Photography. We love how they mixed it up from formal to casual. Jalene did a great job of helping their personalities shine through in the images. Here is Jenn’s version of their love story!
The mountains brought Nick and me together, literally. We met skiing with friends, said hello, and enjoyed an amazing powder day together. I blame the fact that I was wearing goggles for the reason he didn’t get my number right then and there! Later that year, he tagged along with friends on my boat. We once again shared another awesome day boating up in the mountains! We haven’t spent one day apart since that boating trip. Nick quickly became the happiest and best part of my life. Our love for the mountains turned into love for each other. We grew close sharing the many activities we love to do together; ski, bike, boat, and spend time in the outdoors. We wanted our photos to reflect our personalities and our love of the outdoors. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found someone who loves me, life, and love so much.



Flower Recipe Friday: Garden Style

Today we have the most adorable garden picked bouquet from Blossom Sweet! We are so happy that Melissa is sharing her love of gardening and the fruits of it with us! What a treat! She joins us today with her home grown recipe! Thanks to Lindsey Orton for images!

4F8A2462Happy Flower Friday, everyone!  I am so excited about today’s bouquet recipe post.  Over the past six months or so I have found a new obsession: gardening.  As a professional event florist I naturally love flowers, but I have happily discovered a new corner of my floral heart when it comes to caring for blooms and watching them thrive and grow over time.  It may take hours and hours, a bit of an investment and loads of hard work, but at the end of the day it is therapy in the most lovely of ways and I love it.


Now just why am I talking about my obsession with gardening in today’s post?  Well, that would be because EVERY. SINGLE. ELEMENT. in this bouquet recipe is something I grew myself!  And I’m just beaming with pride over it.  I knew that this was my month for a recipe post, and I wanted to do something really special, something that would challenge me on both creative and technical levels.  As I thought about what I wanted to do, the thought came knocking: hello, use what you’ve grown!  And I did just that–I did not buy or order a single thing for this bouquet.  I dare say the result of my personal design challenge turned out pretty fab!


Now, how can a bride achieve this look for her wedding day?  Plant a garden, care for it months on end, and pray that the blooms last ’til the big day, of course!  Just kidding, kids.  Fortunately for you brides out there almost every element in this design–from the garden roses, dahlias, clematis, foliage and more–can be ordered through your florist from his or her supplier (subject to seasonal availability).  The only exceptions are the bonfire begonia and lantana, as well as the specific varieties of grasses which may be hard to come by from an ordering standpoint.  That being said, your florist can recommend suitable substitutions for the blooms if needed such as sandersonia or allium, or perhaps bunny tail or wheat for the grasses. 


I’ll end by saying that “garden-style” concepts are so hot right now, and I sure hope they’re here to stay for years to come!  I do love them so, and I very much adored creating this bouquet using elements 100% from my very own beautiful garden.   




Fall Groomals {Brady & Sarah}

Fall is such a pretty season in Utah and we love when couples take advantage of the beautiful scenery for their wedding photos. Brady & Sarah are such a cute couple who are actually getting married today! We were so excited to feature their breathtaking groomal session by Lindsey Orton Photography on the actual day of their wedding!


Hilary & Joel: Distillery Wedding

Autumn has begun ….. a season too short but ever so embraced by many as Utah boasts some of the most beautiful fall mountain scenes anywhere in the world! So when David Newkirk sent us this darling fall mountain wedding we knew we wanted to share it with our readers on one of these first fall days! We loved all the personal details that this couple intertwined into their big day with the help of their planner and designer Lauren Brady with Saucy & Kitsch, from the bikes to the field notes this big day was perfectly personalized. We also fell in love with their use of venue …. a distillery wedding!

Lauren Brady joins us with an in depth look at the big day and the design!

Guests then walked over to High West where they were greeted by the couples tandem bicycle and an escort board full of vintage bottle cap magnets to help them find their seats. Tables were topped with US grown flowers in vintage tins and thermos’, Country Fair Field Notes {the states represented where the couple is from and l has lived together}, golf pencils and red striped napkins. Overhead hung two custom chandeliers made of old rusted farm grates and mason jars. Guests enjoyed passed apps, custom cocktails and a whiskey tasting for the cocktail hour. Following their meal, were some of the best toasts that you have ever heard and dessert around the fire. The Souvenirs then took the stage and created an evening of dancing to remember. Complete with one of their guests leading an epic square dance. 

Our approach to designing a wedding starts with the couple. We get to know them, what they do in their daily lives. Perhaps visit their home to see what they surround themselves with, what their adventures are like and how they enjoy the simple things together. All of that becomes personally integrated into their wedding. A particular theme just elevates it! 

For Hilary and Joel it was about the location; being in a unique venue in the mountains. Hilary’s yellow dress was the starting point for the color palette, we added the use of primary colors and pops of other brights. Hilary and Joel love to cycle, and we were so excited to learn that they had a vintage tandem bike! At every key point of the wedding, we used a vintage bicycle as a part of the sign element. The ceremony arch was a lot of fun to come up with. We wanted to find something that felt like an extension to The Town Lift Bridge and the surrounding historical buildings. Josh at Urban Vintage simply said “I can do that!” and fabricated the perfect rusted industrial metal arch. We accented it with handmade paper and burlap flowers.

We were using different metals in every corner, from the arch to the bikes, galvanized buckets and vintage tins that vintage bottle cap escort cards were the perfect tie in! We made them into magnets for an additional takeaway for their guests. The tables were decorated with bright flower in mixed vintage tins and thermos’, red stripped napkins and each table had its own personal guest book, County Fair Field Notes, all carefully selected to match the states that the couple is from and where they have lived together.  WE LOVE hanging installations and wanted to bring another rusted element into the reception area and created mason jar chandeliers out of old rusted farm grates. Because of Hilary’s dress, we wanted all the lettering of the signs and escort cards to have a fun 1960′s feel. 

When selecting a venue, you should consider all its elements. The color of the floors and walls. If your venue comes with tables and chairs, how does that affect your decor? You want to work with your venue, not against it. Most venues come with their own personal quirks and delights. Use them to your advantage. High West has chalkboards all around their venue and we used them for additional signage.

When choosing your decor, don’t over theme or over use any particular one item. Find elements and textures that carry over and accent each other. We used a touch of burlap in the ceremony and kraft paper at the reception. A very subtle choice can make the difference of being over “bulaped” to blending perfectly together. 


Lakeside Bridals

What’s better than a bride on the beach? Well, a bride on the beach with a puppy! And not just any puppy, but a puppy with a flower collar! Callie Hobbs Photography sent us this gorgeous inspiration shoot she did with some other talented Utah vendors! Flowers are being used for much more than bouquets lately for bridal sessions and we love it! We love the gorgeous back of the dress from Urban Outfitters and the gorgeous soft braid by Tiffany Dalling!


Fall Utah Engagements {Maren + McKay}

Good morning and Happy Monday! We couldn’t be more excited for fall to official start this Wednesday! It’s probably one of our favorite seasons and a gorgeous time for Utah weddings! Today we are sharing Maren + McKay’s fun fall engagement session by Cascio Photography! Bring on the gorgeous colored leafs!




















Tasting Tips: Sprinkle & Dash

TGIF! Today we are doing something a little out of our typical Friday routine and bringing you a darling little post from a local baker, she is offering us tips on cake tasting for your big day! Thanks Amanda with Sprinkle & Dash! We love what this gal has going, check her out!

Hey you—congratulations! The big day is coming soon. Your dress is being fitted for alterations. Your photographer is booked. You found the most gorgeous and perfect venue. Everything is falling into place. And your to-do list is growing shorter. But you still need the sweetest part of your wedding day . . . the cake!

You’re ready to call bakeries and start tasting what’s out there. But first, take some time to think: your favorite kind of cake, your favorite flavors, and the overall look you want. After all, a wedding is a sensory experience: dreamy sights, the sound of music, the feel of dancing, scents of flowers in the air…and, finally, a perfect bite of cake. You want to choose a cake that is as fitting as your dress.
So, before you schedule a meeting with your baker, consider these 10 tips for a successful tasting:

Think seasonally: Consider how the flavor and aesthetic of your cake can bring your day—and the season—to life. Are you getting married in the middle of November? If so, that bright, sweet lemon cake filled with strawberries may feel out of place. Instead, think gingerbread, pumpkin, or even spice. These flavors taste just like the fall! Of course, if you have your heart set on a very specific flavor, your baker can probably make it work.

Have a budget and announce restrictions: Let me stress this one. Going into your tasting with a clear budget that you share with your baker is important. Sharing your budget isn’t an insult—it actually helps the process! It helps your baker know where your limits are and can help give you a better idea of what cakes are realistic for your budget. This is not to say that a lower budget means a lesser cake. There are creative, beautiful options for all budgets. And make sure you tell your baker about any dietary restrictions. Allergic to almonds? Raspberries? Tell your baker immediately.

Have a clean palate: Cleansing your palate between flavors is important. Going from a bite of dark chocolate to a bite of lemon could confuse your taste buds. So, be sure to drink water between flavors and take slow, thoughtful bites. If you feel like you’re getting too many flavors and smells, ask your baker for a break or some coffee beans to sniff—they’ll help clear your nose.

Don’t come to your tasting full: Don’teat right before your tasting! I repeat: do not eat right before your tasting. Depending on the baker, you could be sampling a lot of flavors and taking some big bites. Enjoy it! If you’re full, you might not recognize the cake you like best because you’re feeling stuffed. Besides, you can always grab a bite to eat after your tasting. Who doesn’t love eating dessert first?

Schedule one tasting at a time—and take notes: If you’re doing several tastings with different bakers, schedule them on different days. You don’t want to confuse your palate, or leave one bakery completely full for another round of tastes. And take notes at each tasting! This is crucial. You might love the vanilla in the tasting, but forget about the hazelnut you tasted last. Your notes can help you remember things you loved, and guide you to the best decision.

Bring along your VIPs: Yes, bring your entourage. But don’t be all Kardashian about it—just bring the important people, or those whose taste buds you trust the most. Bring the fiancé, your mom, maybe a bridesmaid or two. You can always ask your baker for their preference on groups, but try to stick with 4 or fewer people.

Know the difference between fondant and buttercream: Oh, I can’t stress this enough! You’ll save your baker a huge headache if you know the basics. Fondant is icing that’s rolled out and goes onto your cake smooth. It allows for a lot of creativity – however many people don’t care for the taste and look of it. Buttercream, on the other hand, is more like traditional cake icing you’re probably used to. Buttercream can be flavored and colored anyway you want (huge perk!). And know this: Every fondant cake has a layer of buttercream underneath. So, if you simply must have fondant, know that the guests who don’t love the taste can peel it off.

Be realistic: While sometimes painful when planning your dream wedding, you need to be realistic about your cake. That five-tiered cake covered in handmade flowers and sugar crystalline diamonds that you saw on a celebrity wedding was the shiz. But it’s probably not right for your wedding or your budget. So, be flexible! Consider asking for a smaller, decadent cake to use for the cutting, and serve guests from a larger sheet cake. Here’s the bottom line: pick the parts that are the most important to you and let other things go.

Don’t forget the cake table: The worst thing you could do to your beautiful wedding cake is put it on an ill-dressed table. So talk to your baker about suggestions for display, or see if they have display materials you can rent. Consider elegant tablecloths, a quirky cake stand or a vintage plate. The idea is to make the cake the focal point of the table, but make sure it fits in with the rest of your décor.

Be conservative on numbers: Think about how many people you expect will actually show up. Of those people, consider how many will actually eat cake. Consider what other food you’re serving. If you’re having a dessert bar, people will probably shy away from having a piece of cake with all the cookies and candy they’ve been snaking on. It’s also very unlikely that every person that comes to the wedding will have a piece of cake. A lower number will help to keep costs down.

My final advice? Trust your taste buds. You know what you like—and you are the one who should love that cake. After all, how many times in your life do you walk into a room full of cake meant just for you? It’s your day, lady! Treat yourself.



Autumn Bridal Inspiration

Fall is just around the corner and we are so excited! We love the rich colors that come along with fall weddings. We loved this little inspiration shoot sent to us by Ali Brown Studios. The touches of artichoke in the flowers and cake add such a fun element that we love. We also adore the wood invitations made by Wood Chick!