2013 Color Inspiration

Those subtle and soft romantic tones are still “in” dont mistake this post for a change in trend, but also making a comeback is the use of color! So today for flower Friday we found a few great bouquets to show you just what we mean!


We all know and have seen how the use of multiple tones of one color can be creative and profound and this trend is around to stay for the 2013 year. It seems to get better with time too! Ombre bouquets twist up the use of contrast in color from light to dark and the use of color to make a statement with their slow graduation of tone. We love both of these gorgeous bouquets above, one that is very ombre in its movement in soft and subtle tones and another that has an ombre feel but is more mixed and less graded. Below some classic ombre bouquets move from one shade to the next and both bring a powerful punch of color. Just goes to show the soft tones can be done in ombre fashion and so can the rich and powerful ones!


Monochromatic bouquets are usually selected by a color discerning bride! And they work well when the use of single color is meant to be the focal point of the wedding. The use of one color, typically tone on tone, draws the eye and makes a statement, a somewhat modern and clean one. Not all mono bouquets need to be made of just one variety of bloom {though that often is the case} take for example this lovely green cymbidium orchid mixed with a bit of freesia for texture it still maintains its monochromatic movement. Or below we have a monobotanical bouquet of hydrangea that works both ways and a bouquet that is primarily monochromatic with just a touch of texture in the way of foliage, mixes it up a bit and softens the impact.


As stated previously color is making a comeback and in a bold, rich, and colorful way. “Rainbow” bouquets are emerging on the scene with a trend that suggests that when it comes to flowers many colors can and should be used! We love how the above bouquet maintains an earthy and organic nature while still playing with a lot of color. The word “rainbow” could even be scary for some as they try to visualize this concept but the two bouquets below show how beautiful a truly colorful bouquet can be. So much color in one bouquet is bound to leave an impression!

Need a little color added to your wedding? Dont be afraid to talk with your florist about trying out some of these 2013 color trends! We hope you have been inspired! TGIF!

Image Credits: {first image} Jose Villa/Primary Petals . Krista Jon {second image} Gray Likes Weddings . Martha Stewart Weddings {third image} Just Bloomed {fourth image} Bliss Events Ohio . Kelly Kaufman Designs/Connie Lyu {fifth image} Bouquet Bouquet {sixth image} the Knot . Wedding Chicks/Picotte Weddings