McCune Mansion Bridals

We are soo excited to be sharing this lovely shoot that the incredible Jessica Kettle put together with Val from Flower  Afternoon.
From the photographer:
“It was the perfect pick me up during our drab Utah winter to create this feminine, ethereal twist on a timeless beauty in classic setting. I loved being able to experiment with the dynamic indoor lighting at McCune Mansion and of course, the beautiful FLORALS and details were a breath of fresh air. It’s so much fun to take a break from the busy wedding season and focus solely on making something romantic and beautiful and shooting creatively.
It was easy to become inspired within the walls of the historic, 100+ year old McCune Mansion in Salt Lake City. The intricately carved furniture, crown molding, and natural wood that covers every surface felt like royalty. It was easy to let your mind dream of possibilities while wandering THE BALLROOMS, long corridors and spiraling staircases.  To honor this beautiful establishment some aspects of the decor were kept soft and feminine to provoke a classic, romantic feeling while other aspects were designed to feel new-age and fresh with a burst of bright and cheerful colors- it truly awakened the mansion.”
The floral styling compliments this stunning home with blooming branches that adorn the ballroom fireplace and for the table-scape – lush, garden-like arrangements designed in antique containers trailed by jasmine vine.  You’ll see peach Juliet and Patience garden roses, ranunculus, larkspur and you can’t ignore the sprightly, untamed poppies. Drooping or reaching towards the sky, they’re sure to put a smile on your face.
mccunemansion_002 mccunemansion_004 mccunemansion_005 mccunemansion_006 mccunemansion_007 mccunemansion_008 mccunemansion_009 mccunemansion_010 mccunemansion_011 mccunemansion_012 mccunemansion_013 mccunemansion_014 mccunemansion_015 mccunemansion_016 mccunemansion_017 mccunemansion_018 mccunemansion_019 mccunemansion_020 mccunemansion_021 mccunemansion_022 mccunemansion_023 mccunemansion_024 mccunemansion_025 mccunemansion_026 mccunemansion_027 mccunemansion_028 mccunemansion_029 mccunemansion_030 mccunemansion_031 mccunemansion_032 mccunemansion_033 mccunemansion_034 mccunemansion_035 mccunemansion_036


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