Utah Bride Blog is a resource for any + all people planning a wedding …

But especially for those planning to say the big “I DO” in Utah. We cater to the reader that needs inspiration + vendors for their Utah based wedding. 

So what makes us accredited to offer you such goodness? Stay a minute while I tell you our story ……..

In the early 2000’s I was nearly a decade into my career as an event florist working primarily weddings, I came upon and was blessed by a friendship with a talented invitation designer. A few years later we were both experiencing some frustration with the lack of marketing and publication opportunities to grow our individual businesses, and both had a deep desire to educated clients + help them find the right sources. Simultaneously we were also both included in the directory of a national bridal blog that was just beginning to summit on the hike to blogging success.  In our mindful collaboration of thoughts we came to the conclusion that Utah needed a local blog that functioned much like the national blog we were involved with, this seemed to be a solution to problems on both sides of the wedding fence here in UT and so it was then that the idea was planted and we began to develop it for cultivation.

Like any entrepreneur, we were taking a risk, we had no idea if it would stick and catch ….

But it did.

It worked and quickly became a valuable asset to people working professionally in the local wedding industry and to our readers. So now with decades of experience in the wedding industry + nearly a decade of bridal blogging under the belt, I have a lot to offer you in way of inspiration + sources. 

Many years later as UBB evolved, as did we individually, we determined that we should part ways in business, my partner’s focus had shifted away from her invitation co. and the wedding industry and into a successful career in the lifestyle industry, and so we determined I would take over as sole owner of UBB.

So here I am ….

And who am I? I am a wife and best friend to a man that helps me parent 6 kids and a passionate writer who desires to connect with people. I am on the journey of finding my authentic self through soulful work, developing that self and being true to it. I do little more than dabble in event floral these days, my primary professional focus being UBB and the continuing journey of providing a valuable + usable tool to our readers and the industry of professionals working in the local wedding industry.

If you finished all of that then I succeeded in some authentic captivation, nothing more rewarding as a writer than that!

We have a great team of people here at UBB, I believe in surrounding myself with people I can relate + connect to and we have a good bunch here of staffers and interns. I am consistently available, I invite you to connect wtih me!