{Advertising & Regulations}


The end of 2009 has begun and with the changing of the calendar comes changes in our lives, including here at UBB. We are excited to launch those new changes in early 2010. Some of these changes will accommodate and comply with new FTC regulations that actually went into effect just a few days ago on Dec 1, 2009. We find it of great importance for our readers to understand these regulations and how they affect UBB.

The new regulations call for complete transparency in blog related advertising and promotion. The adaptation to this new regulation is a rather smooth transition for UBB because we already practice policy in line with the new regulation. The advertisers in our vendor listings and sponsorships do indeed pay to be with us on a yearly basis. We carefully select, invite, and choose which vendors will advertise with our blog in order to maintain the standard associated with the blog. Our advertisers essentially are paying a membership fee to be part of an organization that will lift the industry up, participate in a useful industry tool, and present their work in a specified listing or sponsor format.

From the moment that UBB was conceived posting content has been complimentary. We seek to find uniqueness and provide inspiration to our readers. We stand behind whatever it is we are promoting on each and every day and want it to be known that we are not compensated for post content. Though many of our advertisers are featured in our posts their contract fee is not associated with posting. These are many of the best vendors in the state, of course we are going to feature their work! They also have close relationships with us as owners, we know what great new and unique events they are participating in and we are eager to share that with all of you. Regardless we welcome, review, and post submissions from non-advertising vendors.

Please feel free to email us here at advertising@utahbrideblog.com with any comments, concerns, or questions in regards to UBB policy and blogging regulations.

**That all being said we want to announce the prompt closing of advertising listings for the 2010 year in the coming weeks. Photography spots are full and many categories have only one spot remaining. However some of the categories listings we are offering a discount on so please email us if you are interested in a reduced rate listing.


Photo by: Pepper Nix