Anniversary Session: Jessica + Mike

We really like this thread running through UBB of anniversary + couple sessions so we are keeping it moving! Today we have Jessica + Mike from Renee Shifflet Photography. Jessica shared some insight with us on her thoughts behind a one year anniversary session!

Before we were engaged, people constantly reminded us about how “magical” marriage is. After dating for four years, each holding multiple jobs, going to school full-time, and spending nearly all of our spare time together, I didn’t understand how getting married could all the sudden make life any more “magical” than it already was. We were best friends and knew absolutely everything about each other, because after 4 years together, you’re definitely not strangers anymore. We had a dream wedding with a lot of fun events during the months before and after, but once all of the  festivities came to a close, we seemed to fall back into the same busy life we had before. That’s when we realized that marriage really does take work. There are arguments, times when I am extremely hangry, and days when we only see each other when we wake up in the morning and go to bed at night. There are also moments of success, laughter, adventure, and growth. As long as we are both willing to sacrifice and put in our share of work, our marriage is “magical” as some would say, or as I see it, the best experience I have ever had with my best friend. Happy one year anniversary to us!