At Home Engagements {Destin & Tracy}

Today’s featured engagement session is a little different from our usual features, and we love it! Tracy, the bride, submitted these beautiful images photographed by Meikel Reece. Tracy shared a little about her and Destin and their love story with us.

“Destin and I really wanted photos that reflect our regular lives, so we felt there was no place more appropriate to shoot than in what will be our first home! We spend most of our time relaxing on the couch, chatting/working/eating at the table, enjoying the building’s yard and grounds, or strolling our downtown neighborhood with little Oliver. So, that’s all that happens in the photos! Destin and I had lived two blocks apart and gone to the same church for a year before we ever spoke to each other. I mistakenly interpreted his shy and reserved nature as being too cool to give me the time of day, so we walked by each other countless times without ever saying a word. Luckily the magic of Tinder changed what could have been a permanent missed connection. We each recognized the other as “that cute person from church,” swiped right, and the rest was history.”