Beautiful Utah Bridals

One of the reasons why we love bridal features so much is because they are all about the bride, the dress, the flowers and of course the beauty! This is your chance to feel like a princess and be able to document one of the most amazing times in your life! We know that not everyone has the budget for a designer dress and really expensive details, but even with a smaller budget you can  still get beautiful images to remember your special day. It all just depends on where you choose to spend your budget. We are smitten this lovely dress from Zara with simple lace details! This bride looks like a million bucks while not spending a million bucks! One of the places we for sure say to save up and splurge a little on is having your hair and makeup professionally done. It seriously makes the world of difference because they are trained on how to bring out your beautiful features in images. You will be so happy you splurged in this area and if you didn’t feel like a million bucks before you will for sure now!

Thank you so much for sharing these beyond gorgeous images with us Evelyn Eslava!


UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_1 IMG_6752 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_2 IMG_6767 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_5 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_3 IMG_6780 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_4 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_6 IMG_6785 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_7  IMG_7015 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_8 IMG_7042 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_10 IMG_7176 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_9 IMG_7196 UtahBrideBlog_BeautyBridals_11


  1. kyla hanson says:

    Does anyone happen to know where these photos were shot? I absolutely love it! If you do please let me know. Thank you!

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