Beautiful In Black

With colored dresses becoming more and more of a bridal trend we can’t help but be drawn to this gorgeous bridal shoot by Emilie Ann Photography at the Little Sahara! We love the contrast between the gorgeous black gown and the white sands. Edgy yet glamorous with a timeless class!  Don’t be afraid to try something a bit different!

emilieannphotography001 UtahBrideBlog_BlackWeddingDress_1 emilieannphotography002 emilieannphotography004 emilieannphotography008 UtahBrideBlog_BlackWeddingDress_2 emilieannphotography015 emilieannphotography013 UtahBrideBlog_BlackWeddingDress_3 emilieannphotography025 emilieannphotography027 emilieannphotography030 UtahBrideBlog_BlackWeddingDress_4 emilieannphotography033 emilieannphotography035