Best Of 2013: Engagements

What would the last week of the year be here on UBB without a look back at our favorites!?We love this yearly tradition, its fun for us and we believe you readers love it too! It will fit in just right with all the “best of 2013’s” that will surely inundate all media sources this week! So today we are taking a look back our favorite engagement posts of the year! You get to see both Megan & Audrey’s favs, but also our amazing assistant editor is jumping in this year as well! We are excited Lindsey will be sharing too! As usual Utah was full of great couples who got engaged in 2013!


Megan: When it comes to engagement sessions there are a few aspects that are a must for me. Great photography, great location and great fashion! All of these elements need to come together to get those amazing shots we all die over. I’m still completely smitten with this engagement session by Alix Ann Loosle! If I could choose a time of year to shoot engagements it would be winter. There is just something so magical + romantic about the Utah mountains and the gorgeous snow! Probably the thing that I love the most about this engagement session is how they subtly brought a few props and a theme into this shoot. Many couples love to incorporate a theme or props into their engagement session but they can go a bit overboard and take the timelessness away from the images. This couple + Alix Ann nailed this theme with the attire and the winter props! So lovely and so gorgeous!


Audrey: My fav engagement session dates back to May when we published this Adam & Eve-esq session sent to us by Alix Ann Loosle. Alix is one of my favorite local photographers and I seem to be drawn to her work personally but I also loved the vibe of this nature filled scene that included beautiful Utah limestone and rock along with other natural elements like rushing water and spring green trees! The couple feels naturally beautiful as well and a floral crown in the mix doesn’t hurt one bit! Bare feet with a little adornment just gives this session the perfect touch.


Lindsey: My favorite engagement session was a beautiful fall AND winter session that believe it or not, was photographed on the same day! I just loved this session sent to us by Shannon Elizabeth Photography and published on the blog in November! Shannon has such a natural and real quality about her work and focuses completely on the couple and their love for one another. (no props or gimmicks required!) Another thing that drew me to this session is the gorgeous location it was in! I’m a big believer in taking pictures in nature and because we live in Utah, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by it!