Best Of 2013: Flower Friday

Well our ‘best-of’ week is sadly coming to a close, but not before we finish it off with a big welcome to 2014 bang! Today we take a look back at our Flower Friday favorites, possibly our favorite day of the week here at UBB! Have a great weekend, back to regularly scheduled posting next week!

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Meg’s fav: Flower Friday is probably one of my all time favorite features we have here on UBB. Flowers really bring so much detail and beauty to a wedding in so many aspects. We have so much talent here in Utah and the florists are seriously top notch! It’s no secret we adore Melissa with Blossom Sweet and her work is always creative and innovative. I fell madly in love with this flower featured wedding because it’s totally out of the box of something that I would do but I love the color palette, the texture and the shapes from the florals in this wedding. the floral arrangements were unexpected and edgy yet still pretty. My favorite detail has to be the bouquet! Big and beautiful!! It really is true that a brides bouquet is her best accessory {next to the groom of course} and the bouquet finishes the brides look! {photography = Gideon Photo}

bloomsandblossoms3Audrey’s fav: So I picked this recipe Friday created by Blooms & Blossoms and shot by our in house Lindsey Orton. I loved this bouquet, it is of a truly darling nature! Ranucs are among my personal fav and so are parrot tulips and who can resist a few polka dots?! But in addition to that I think overall my fav Flower Friday’s were always the recipe days, something new we added this year that will continue through 2014! A little floral insight into what creates something and a little flavor to our Friday posts! So here is to another great year of recipes!

Leo Patrone

Lindsey’s Fav: I just love our Flower Friday features. It is such a great resource for brides and wedding vendors alike. My favorite flower friday was this romantic wedding by Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers and photographed by Leo Patrone. Sarah’s style is very organic and natural, this wedding showcases that perfectly. The flowers remind me of an English rose garden. They are so beautiful! I also love that the flowers are the showcase of this wedding, they are the main event. Of course, Leo Patrone does a wonderful job of capturing their beauty.