Birdcage Wedding Veils

That certain finishing touch can make an ensemble. It’s like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae…it quite simply completes it. The same can be said about a veil; you have that wonderful gown, but the veil makes it, well… bridal. Today, Hilary with Alta MODA will be sharing some of the couture trends with wedding veils!


The Birdcage Veil

Photo by: Justin Hackworth

The hottest trend right now is a veil that breaks the mold.  Short and sweet, the birdcage veil can be worn just in front of the eyes, slanted across the brow, or twisted to a pouf next to a chignon.  My favorite look is seeing it paired with a soft feather flower or vintage brooch.  Photographers love this look, your guests will talk about it long after the party is over, and you’ll add a signature feel to your wedding-day ensemble.  Take a look at the veil made from oversize French Net.  I love the drama created by this this unique fabric.


Oversize French Net Veil

Photo by: Retrospect Studios


French Net Hat



Also making it’s way up the trend ladder is the pill-box hat.  Proper and flirty, this look is for the confident gal that likes to make a statement.  Best paired with a sheath to slim A-line gown, a pill-box hat works great with side-swept bangs or a low and loose side bun.  I love it when the hat is artfully adorned with French Net and a textured floral accent.  Try wearing the hat at a slight angle; it adds a touch of mystery and playfulness.  Hats may go in and out of trend, but they are always stylish.


Pill Box Hat


Hats by and available at Alta MODA in Salt Lake City.



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