Black & White: The Bride

We continue our b+w week with a closer look at what this blog is really all about …. the BRIDE! These few posts are a  great opportunity for you local planning brides to not only see how deeply a b+w image speaks to its observer but to also see different styles of b+w photography with a few various photogs all in one post! Allowing you a more decisive planning process when it comes to your big day! We loved the simple nature of two of these brides and in contrast the more ornate details of the other. It is so true that we share in common with snowflakes, leafs, and things of the earth …. not one of us is the same as the other and so to each of us beauty within.

kateosbornephotographyKate Osborne Photography

Loblee Photography bridalsLoblee Photography

0738-13Lindsey Shaun Photography