Blueberry + Wild Garden Inspiration

The gorgeous blue tones in this shoot are to die for. We are so excited to share them! The photographer behind the concept, Camilia Lund, shared a little about her inspiration with us:
“I feel as if the trend is to stick with colors of pinks, red, oranges, and really warm hues in the spring and summer. Instead of focusing on those colors– I wanted to create a styled shoot that felt like a transition between seasons. The florals in this styled shoot are made to look similar to a loose garden setting. We also thought blueberries were a cool unifying theme of ripe hues and changing seasons. Blueberries are present with the stationary, table decor, and food, creating a unifying symbol throughout the shoot. We added vintage details, unique stationary, and tied it all together with the the cool, ripe hue of blueberries as inspiration.

UBB_BlueberryGarden002 UBB_BlueberryGarden012 UtahBrideBlog_BlueberryGardenWedding UBB_BlueberryGarden005 UBB_BlueberryGarden015 UBB_BlueberryGarden048 UtahBrideBlog_BlueberryGardenWedding2 UBB_BlueberryGarden023 UtahBrideBlog_BlueberryGardenWedding3 UBB_BlueberryGarden014 UBB_BlueberryGarden030 UBB_BlueberryGarden025 UBB_BlueberryGarden037 UBB_BlueberryGarden017 UBB_BlueberryGarden036 UBB_BlueberryGarden024 UBB_BlueberryGarden032 UtahBrideBlog_BlueberryGardenWedding4 UtahBrideBlog_BlueberryGardenWedding5 UBB_BlueberryGarden050