Braedin + Dalton {In Love}

Good morning! We are starting this week off with a gorgeous engagement session capturing Braedin and Dalton’s love for each other. You can tell just from the images how sweet and natural their connection is and we are smitten with these images by Shannon Elizabeth Photography! We have probably said it a million and one times and we will say it again. There really is no better backdrop for photos then Utah’s Mountains!
UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements1 IMG_0015 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements2 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements3 IMG_0125 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements5 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements4 IMG_0111 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements6 IMG_0241 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements7 IMG_0314 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements8 IMG_0187 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements9 IMG_0301 UtahBrideBlog_UtahEngagements10 IMG_0322