Bridal Fashion: J Noelle Design

We love when we find the works of a creative putting themselves and their product out into the world and more specifically into the UT wedding industry. We came across Jessica with J Noelle Design through the photographer on this shoot and became intrigued by her unique designs + style. So today we are introducing you to this force to be reckoned with and giving you a little insight into how she does her thing!

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the world of fashion design, especially wedding fashion. The journey to starting my own line has been a long one, but it really began taking shape while working in a bridal boutique when I was 18 years old. There I learned about basic construction, fabrics, and bridal trends. I also observed a gap in the bridal market: dresses were either cheap and outdated or they were expensive and required extensive alterations to meet a bride’s personal needs. It was devastating to watch girls come in with the perfect dress in mind, only to find that her dream was unattainable. Years later, after having worked as an assistant to a local fashion designer, I knew I had the ability to help fill in the gap myself. Since that time, I started sketching out my designs, creating custom patterns, traveling to Los Angeles, CA to hand-select fabrics, and then sewing new masterpieces. It has been an amazing experience watching J. Noelle Design go from the dream stage to a full-fledged bridal line!

I believe that a bride deserves a unique dress on her wedding day. Every woman has had singular experiences that have molded her into the person she is today. The mission of J. Noelle Design is to provide every bride the ability to create a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that perfectly complements her personality and inner beauty on her most special day. That being said, brides can expect to see lots of variation in my line. Each bodice and skirt was carefully thought out and I’ve incorporated several different fits and fabrics to provide possibilities for the traditional bride, as well as the modern and unconventional. All pieces are available in ivory and an assortment of other muted colors. [Brides can expect the launch of a manufactured line by next year. Until then, fully custom options are available.]
The best place to see my creative process in designing original pieces is by following my Instagram account I love being able to share my process and I think it’s so exciting that people can see and understand why I designed something, then watch it come to life! My account personalizes each piece because people can learn the story behind it: its origin, construction, and presentation with the help of many talented professionals (including photographers, models, hair and makeup artists, florists, etc.) Following that journey makes those pieces more meaningful for a bride when she picks the perfect dress combination for her special day!

Photographer: Kylee Olivia Jenkins || Models: Morgan Bronson, Maloree Hallman, Natalie Latham || Gowns: JNoelle Design || Makeup: Katie Adair Makeup || Hair: Lexi Locks Hair || Floral: Green in a Grey World ​