Bridal Hair Trends: Hair & Makeup by Steph

If you do not already follow Stephanie Brinkerhoff on all the social media outlets you should! Especially pinterest, where she hosts a plethora of amazing hair and beauty tips! This is one is talented and magnetic artist and we are so glad she calls Utah home! Today she teams up with Ciara Richardson, a local photog, to move us with some simple insight into some beautiful looks for brides and maybe a few of us looking for a glam look for a holiday soiree!

High bun:
This hairstyle is for brides who want a feminine, classic look.  It’s very Audrey Heburn.  Start by putting the hair in a high ponytail, leaving out the fringe and a small section on the side for a braid. Proceed to backcomb the ponytail and form it into a high bun, securing with bobby pins. After the bun is secure, take the small section of hair that was left out and braid it across the top of the head, resting it on the part line of her fringe. 
Faux bob:
There were a lot of faux bobs on the 2012 bridal runways.  This style is definitely for the bride who isn’t afraid to step out of the ordinary updo and try something unique.   I started by loosely curling the hair,  then backcombing it. Next, I took medium-sized sections and rolled the hair up and under, pinning it section by section at the nape. I made sure to keep the top sections soft and loose to make the faux bob look more believable.  
Not only is this style great for the retro bride, but it’s also a very timeless look as well. This style is so flattering and will fit almost any era. I started by backcombing the entire head of hair and applying some spray wax through the ends.  I then created a small, messy bun at the nape, pulling on the sides and top to make it messy and to add more volume. 
Undone finger waves:
What I like about this style is that it can be dressed up for a glamorous, Ethereal look or dressed down for a casual, boho look.  Either way, it’s an easy, no fuss style that will look good on anyone.  
I created this look using a curling wand.   I started at the nape and curled small sections of hair layer by layer, all in the same direction, until all of the hair was curled. I then brushed through the curls to form an undone wave pattern.  
Makeup & Hair Artistry: Hair & Makeup by Steph
Tips & Descriptions: Hair & Makeup by Steph
Photography: Ciara Richardson
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