Bridals: East Indian

Utah is rarely referred to as culturally diverse, but we do have some beautifully diverse cultures mingled in through our population. We would love to see more culture published here on the blog so this is a shout out to you brides who have traditions that stem from your heritage, please share with us! We want to hear from you!

Neena’s fall wedding was a highly published affair, it was extremely beautiful! But the portion of her wedding that until now has been kept a bit more private was the part that came from her roots, her east Indian roots. Neena and her photographer Kate Osborne were kind enough to share this special look at her wedding Sari.

Getting all dolled up in a sari is not something I do very often. When it came time for me to get married, because I am half East Indian, I knew I was going to incorporate some elements of my heritage into my special day. The traditional color an Indian bride would wear is red. The red wedding sari is absolutely gorgeous but since I wasn’t doing a complete Indian wedding I decided to go with a golden sari to match with my wedding colors. My nani, which means “grandmother” in Hindi, wanted to help me with my sari. Since sari’s are not very prominent in Utah stores I found this particular sari online and was so thrilled to have my nani give this to me as a wedding gift. My jewelry and henna came from my very talented sister who had just returned from a summer in India. I loved being able to bring my beautiful, rich heritage into my wedding day and more importantly, having the help of my incredible family members to help me achieve the look and feel that I wanted. -Neena Earl

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