Copper Nickel Wedding {Emily + Jace}

We have the loveliest wedding  for you today! Emily and Jace make the most gorgeous couple, we love all of the special touches they had. Emily had a beautiful vision for her reception and we must say it turned out! The wonderful, Jessica Janae Photography, captured their special day one frame at a time.

From the Bride: “Jace and I knew each other from high school but he was a sophomore and I was a senior so we didn’t talk much. Then a few years out of high school we started hanging out and skiing together with a group of mutual friends. Jace pursued me for a while but I wasn’t interested so I ignored him. He gave up and we stopped talking for a little while and then a few months later I called him up and asked him out and things took off from there. Jace was then deployed to Afghanistan for four months while I planned a wedding. I think it was better that he was gone during the planning haha.  He got home in February and he proposed to me right at the airport! It was the best surprise.

“Our wedding day was Friday, April 17th. The biggest snow storm of the entire winter happened 2 days before our wedding. The storm dumped so much snow and I was terrified that the weather would be bad but it ended up being a beautiful day. We had our reception at The Copper Nickel in Ogden and it was the perfect venue for the theme and vibe of our reception. My mom and I designed the whole thing and it came together beautifully. I could not have asked for a better day, it was perfect.”

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