Couples Session: Brianna + Keith

I haven’t been this nervous to post for a long time, or maybe really ever, and I suppose it’s because I am afraid I will not rep these two lovers or these photographs they way they should be. You see I have been following Bri + Keith for a good long while now, watching their simple way of life + their love for each other with a good deal of admiration so when Abbi Hearne said we could publish this it was a double win because I also really admire The Hearnes also! I mostly am going to let both pairings of talent speak for themselves because it’s clear they do a damn good job at that, and this way there is less of a chance I will slaughter the opportunity, but I do want to tell you a little about both.

Bri + Keith Madia have been married for a while but still have a giddy kind of love + excitement for each other that is palpable! Like many of the couples session’s we have posted this is about extending the documentation and celebrating love + marriage beyond the wedding day. These two lovers live in their van full time and travel about, mostly among the deserts of Utah, with their two dogs Bucket + Dagwood. Bri is the talented writer and voice behind a powerful instagram where stories of remote slot canyons, desert landscapes, love, and life take the follower by hold.

“Sure you can have a lot of money and a lot of stuff and be perfectly happy…but you can also be dirt poor with one pair of shoes and a tank full of gas and be happy as a pig in shit.” 

Abbi + Callen Hearne are also van dwellers full time, we have been following them for a while as well and find their talents to be especially captivating and inspiring! They are elopement, wedding, and outdoor life style photographers with a lot of heart and a unique perspective. When Abbi posted about this shoot on their instagram she talked about the blue hour, just past sunset and how it casts this cool toned shadow on the world that lends to the perfect tone if you are in just the perfect place to snatch it, this was the hour she captured the Madia’s in.

“I’ve noticed that some people begin dressing like the environment they spend a lot of time in. These days, that often translates to dressing like those around you at work or school or your social scene. But there are a wild few who still spend more time with rocks than with groups of people. I couldn’t help but notice that Bri and Keith matched their landscape, right down to her golden skin mirroring the way the rocks look just after sunset. These two are wild ones.



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  1. Abbi Hearne says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! We love photographing fellow adventurers, especially in such amazing places! These two are a huge inspiration!

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