Deer Valley Sunrise Formals {Mckenna + Connor}

Mckenna and Connor are high school sweethearts. Even though they have both been going to college in different states, they’ve always had time for each other. Nhiya Kay Photography worked some serious magic on this beautiful couple! They will tying the knot on July 11th!
Mckenna tells how they met: “Connor and I met at the amusement park Lagoon on ‘Lagoon Day’ at the end of 9th grade. I first saw him in a line for a roller coaster. He had long hair and a red sunglasses on. I knew one of his friends so my friend and I went over to where he was. I thought he was cute and tried flirting with him by taking his sunglasses but he was totally not into that. I definitely thought he hated me. Later that day when we went on the haunted house ride his friend actually held my hand. On the way home one of my friends ‘dibs-ed’ him and I didn’t even care because I thought he was mean. Our groups of friends ended up hanging out a bunch of times after that and I got to see how kind, compassionate and funny he really was. Eventually he started making a move. Our first kiss was during the Iron Man 2 movie….how romantic right? I guess he really liked me but he was playing it so cool that I didn’t really know where we stood until I got asked on a date with another boy and went. Connor got really mad and I finally got to see how much he cared. He has been my honey bun ever since!”
From the Photographer: “The session started off with threatening dark blue and gray clouds. He had a sliver of sun left so we raced through the different poses and had fun while doing it. WIthin 20 minutes of starting, it started to rain. We tried to wait it out but it only got worse. We ended up all soaking wet and only 20 minutes into our session. Thankfully it wasn’t her real wedding dress…she had bought a dress specifically for that bridal session so that she could still take bridals with her groom and still not have him see her wedding dress. Connor was leaving the next evening to go back to school in Las Vegas. Our only choice was the next morning at sunrise. So we all woke up at about 430 and I found a beautiful location in Deer Valley that overlooks both sides of the valley. Anywhere you looked was stunning. You can’t even tell that it was 45 degrees up there! Perfect way to make up for the night before.
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