Desert Sand Formals: Alyssa + Steven

Alyssa dated one of Steven’s friends for a while where they came to know one another, when they relationship ended and Alyssa moved to the same town as Steven he took initiative and called her up and asked her out! Their first date was to a museum and also included a listen to an orchestra play music dear to Alyssa’s heart! She shared some deep + meaningful words about that night with us!

That night is engraved in my mind. We talked for hours and stole hidden bashful smiles from across the table. I remember thinking that night how he was the most kind, gentle, warm soul I’d met. And he still is. He carries the whole entirety of my heart. From that first call he made to me, “hello is this Alyssa?” from the moment he talked about his dreams, from the moment he had held my face like no one had before, from the first “really! you too?”. My life was cut into halves: life before him, and life after him. I am his, Forever. And whatever walls surround us don’t matter because he is safer than the feeling of home. 

Their desert dunes formal session by Roxana Baker are pretty darn beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us Roxana and congrats Alyssa + Steven!

Photography: Roxana B Photography || Gown: The Perfect Dress || Floral: Flower Me Mallory || Makeup: Beauty By Brit B || Hair: Candace Dayton