DIY Vintage Wedding {TJ + Michelle}

We love when brides have the willpower and patience to tackle a lot of their wedding things on their own! This bride was no exception! We had the bride share a little about their love story:
Michelle was the shy, small-town girl from Salem, UT and TJ was the surf-and-sand-loving Californian from Carlsbad. She first saw TJ at a church activity, where she was obviously smitten with his good looks and charm, but too shy to approach him. Instead, she watched TJ from afar as he seemed to get to know every girl except her, and prayed that he would notice her even though she was so timid! “Unfortunately,” she says, “luck wasn’t with me that night…and I went home a little dejected!” But school had just started, so the next morning, she headed off to the first day of the semester’s classes. Most of the day passed without incident, but when she sat down in her last class, she was thrilled to see that in walked the cute guy she’d seen the night before! “It’s super embarrassing to write, but I will be honest and say that I got a tingly feeling the moment I recognized him and realized he was going to be in my class. Because of that feeling, I knew I somehow needed to get to know him!” Over the course of the next week, she watched to see where he would sit daily, and made “a plan of action! My plan definitely included having an awesome hair day and flawless makeup. I went to class early and sat next to his normal spot. How’s that for creepy?!?” Because of her efforts, they ended up having a conversation that led to more conversations, and eventually, a deep friendship, despite their coming from different backgrounds and having different personalities. The rest, as they say, is history. On April 7th, TJ proposed to Michelle, and they spent a very short four months planning and dreaming about their wedding day. “It was going to be particularly special,” she said, “because we were doing so much of it ourselves.” Because her siblings were both talented and eager to be part of the intimate details, Michelle’s family did most of the set-up, the flowers, the makeup and hair, etc. TJ’s side was also heavily involved in the planning and decorating.
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