Edwardian Era Inspiration Shoot

The Edwardian era is loved by many for its formal & fancy regal-ness. Vintage can be coined so many things and this is perhaps one of our favorite uses of the term! Collaborated on by some amazing vendors, like Saucy & Kitsch one of our 2012 preferred planner designers, we thought to move us all back into time and we are pleased to do so. Insight from the major contributors as well!

Lauren @ Saucy & Kitsch: We love inspiration shoots and were thrilled when we were asked to be a part of this one. It had us dreaming about “A Room with a View” for weeks! And while we were shooting, we could not help but whistle the theme song from “Somewhere in Time”. We wanted the table to be full of rich feminine details. Beautiful mixed china piled on top of each other accented with a touch of lace and flowers that dripped off the table. The romantic paper goods feature a hand painted watercolor motif inspired by hand painted china. The location we got to shoot in, took us back in time to another world.

Gabby Gabbitas makeup & hair: With styling hair I am often inspired by past generations and I have always had a bit of a love affair with the Edwardian era; which is during the time of 1900-1910. It was a time of old world romance, feminine grace, an abundance of flowers, long sleeves, lots of lace, fine floral china and dainty details.

During this time the “Gibson Girl” was created. The “Gibson Girl” is a timeless image created by Charles Dana Gibson a popular artist from the Victorian/Edwardian era. Drawings of Gibson’s girls were widely used to illustrate catalogs, magazine and books. Although Gibson drew girls and women with their hair arranged in a number of ways, the most commonly associated with his work and name is the image with the woman with her hair piled upon her head in a bouffant with a chignon.

Although some cosmetics existed during the Edwardian era, women would never wear makeup. At the time, anything more than the occasional dusting of face powder was considered declassé at best among high society; the only women who regularly wore makeup were prostitutes and actresses. 

In creating the model’s look for the photo shoot I really wanted to make sure that I got all the details right. For the hair I created a romantic bouffant piled on top of her head into a bun and for the makeup I kept it light and natural.

Shelly @ Orchid Dynasty: There is a period of time in our history dubbed “Orchidelirium. During this Victorian era, wealthy collectors would hire explorers to travel to nearly every part of the world in search of new varieties of orchids to collect and show off. 

The amazing design team for this inspiration shoot worked together to create a haunting feeling of history, love and romance, the feel of an era where hunters would risk their lives to collect one of these orchids.

The opulence of this era was achieved through a simple floral palette of multicolored garden roses, Sweet Peas, Narcissus, Jasmine Vine, and Cattleya Labiata orchidblooms grown from our personal collection”

What I love is seeing a bouquet from the past that is so beautiful and stunning that it becomes timeless.

David Newkirk Photography: I love any project/shoot having to do with a time period or a distinct vibe/genre. Basically I’ve always felt like I’m sort of making a film when I shoot photos, like the images aren’t photos… and more like still shots from a film I’d like to see or be in. Historic time periods are super fascinating to me… also they’re incredibly romantic. Life was so different back then, yet totally the same.

Photography: David Newkirk
Styling/Props: Saucy & Kitsch
Hair & Makeup: Gabby Gabbitas
Floral: Shelly Huynh Orchid Dynasty
Gown: Alta Moda Bridal – Modern Trousseau
Earrings: Alta Moda bridal
Paper Goods: Designed by Saucy & Kitsch and available through The Write Image 
Cake & Meringue – Tiercé Confections | Alexa Norlin
Tarts: Tulie Bakery
Location: French Cottage Private Residence – Interior design by Don Brady
Model: McCarty Talent Agency 


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