Engagements at Grandpa's House {Tucker & Sarah}

Today’s engagement session is a sweet one! We love when couples bring their personal lives into their photos. Sarah wanted to take her engagements on her Grandfather’s property and we think they turned out beautiful. Gorgeous photography by Camilia Lund Photography.
Here is a little snippet from the bride:
“Every summer growing up, I would fly from my home state in Florida to my grandparents house for a month. It was this trip that I looked forward to every year, even more than Christmas. My grandfather always kept the yard a child’s paradise, from the bridges over the river, to the trails on the hills, and my imagination combined with my cousin Averi’s, would take flight. I believe my feet have been close to everywhere on that land…and each summer, the yard and I would join again …another year older…some life phases ending while new one’s were beginning. As I now begin one of the most precious phases of my life, getting married, I once again returned to grandpa’s land…and this time, how sweet was my joy, that as my feet, bare as ever, walked amongst the footsteps of my past I was joined hand in hand with another pair of feet….imaginations taking flight as we take these stepsĀ forward into our beautiful future. I hope that future brings many visits to this place that I love, and that I can one day bring along the pink soft soles of little feet beginning their own story.”