Engagements: Kylie + Hunter

This is the season for engagement photos and we have so many great sessions coming in! This city one from Alixann Loosle Photography is a city charmer! A wander around the city can result in some great backgrounds for engagements! Kylie shared their love story with us so we are sharing with you because this is in part our favorite part of every post!

Hunter and I are from the same major, which is illustration (art), so we first met in a college class.  He made a dorky joke—I laughed, and we instantly became friends. I always knew by the way he would perk up and smile every time that I walked into the classroom that he liked me.  I think everyone in the major knew!  But it wasn’t until two years later, when I was sitting next to him in class, that I realized how happy I was whenever we were together.   Being slow moving and slightly in denial, also afraid that I might ruin our genuine friendship, it took a while, but we slowly grew closer.  Then we went on a school field trip to San Francisco, for an art convention.  After talking for hours in coffee shops, wandering the piers, shopping at the wharf and riding midnight buses, it was inevitable that we fell for each other in the city of love.  We finally decided to start dating, we like to tell people that our first kiss was on the Golden Gate bridge, although technically it was our second.  😉

Naturally, we love the city, and this is why we wanted city engagements.  We’re excited to pursue our artistic dreams together and eventually move to the city in California, where it all began for us.  <3 
He proposed to me on our 11 month anniversary by writing our story down and hiding the pieces in sentimental places.  Starting at the classroom where we first met, to the bridge that represented the golden gate, to the apartment I lived when we started dating, and finally to my favorite flower shop that was decorated with flowers and lights, where he asked me for forever!  I said yes!!