Engagements: What To Wear

One of our local Utah photogs recently put together a genius type post on her blog and she was willing to share it with us! Mallory Renee took some fashion know how paired up with how things photograph and put together some visual tips and ideas, {for those of us who are less fashion savvy} on how to dress for your engagements. Simple and visual, we knew this was a good fit for UBB readers, especially for all you newly engaged couples.


Here we have an unexpected combination of a floral pattern and nautical stripes. The nautical element in Her outfit is found in His outfit with the boat shoes. Both outfits are tied together with blue and mustard yellow.


The theme here is olive green, ivory, and cognac leather. Both outfits have subtle hints of gold (gold necklace, belt hook, and detailing on His shoes).


This one isn’t hard to miss. Coral and orange are the stars here. Notice how there are different patterns in the skirt and the bow-tie  but it works because the orange in the bow-tie is anchored by Her top. His suspenders bring this outfit combination to a whole new level of awesome.


This outfit was built around Her boots (Frye Melissa Button) and the color turquoise. The femininity of the lace dress contrasts the structured look of Her boots. His shirt acts as the color anchor, off of which Her scarf and earrings are played. The casual look of His shoes and pants offsets the more formal button-up shirt.


The theme here is feminine and romantic, as suggested with the pale pink and lace. His outfit stays masculine, simple, and neutral to offset Her flirty look.

Helpful Tips:

1.     DO choose an outfit piece to build around. It could be a pair of shoes, a skirt, a bow-tie  jewelry, anything!  Let that be the inspiration and anchor piece for the rest of your and your fiance’s look.

2.     DO choose a color palette. An eye-catching ensemble will feature two to three colors with at least one as the “splash of color”.

3.     DON’T be afraid to mix patterns. As long as all of the patterns share one color, it will work! J Crew and Anthropologie do it all the time.

4.     DON’T be afraid to wear bold, bright colors together. They really pop in photos.

5.     DO make sure that you’re comfortable in whatever outfit you choose.