Entertainment Advice: Life of the Party

Every now and then we have an editorial post that provides much needed advice on a less talked about wedding topic! Today is one such day and we are thrilled to have Rob with Life of the Party Entertainment with us to share some advice on wedding day music and entertainment.

Do you want to dance at your wedding? Do you want your guests to dance at your wedding? 

If your grand vision of your wedding is for people to walk in and walk out, then my advice isn’t for you! 

Whether you are considering a live band, a DJ, or other means for music, there are some options you will want to consider to help your reception dreams become reality.

1.    Most of you are starting from scratch.  Are you stumped as to what songs to play during the garter toss?  First dance?  Cake cutting?  Clients of Life of the Party can use our DJ Intelligence Software right on the playlist and planner page of our website to find everything from the most popular first dance songs to the biggest hits of the decades since the 1950s to the most and least requested songs –  and a library full of every song you can imagine. 

2.  Have you ever been walking through your favorite department store and *bam* a perfect melody hits you and you wonder, “I love this song!  What is it?”  Shazam, an app downloadable on almost any electronic device, can be used to tag the song – just click “touch to Shazam” and it will identify the song and keep track of the songs you tag.

3. You can take your Shazam songs and enter them into a Spotify playlist.  Spotify is what I refer to as the completely free desktop app lovechild of Pandora and iTunes, allowing you to listen to the full versions of your songs but not owning them.  You can even email your DJ or band your Spotify list directly. 

4. Other apps, such as “Fun Wedding” for iPhones, will also help you sort through different genres and e-mail yourself the playlist. 

5. My final recommendation is to please not stress yourself out trying to create lists of three to four hours of music.  If you create a list near 30 songs, any pro DJ will be able to fill in the rest   I prefer to meet one-on-one with my brides and grooms prior to the wedding to get a feel for their style, to better create their vision.  Professional DJs will have access to the music you love and be able to quickly pick up on your tastes.  Remember, you’ll also want to leave a little wiggle room as your guests will make requests too.  

As founder of Life of the Party Entertainment, my main priority is to help your wedding be a success.  If you need help learning to use any of the apps I’ve mentioned or simply want to run some ideas by a professional, my advice is always free.  Contact me any time at robferre@life-of-the-party.com.  Here’s to your wedding celebration!

Thanks Rob for all the great & simple entertainment advice that will be sure to create entertainment success for our soon to be wed readers! You can find and contact Rob with questions or for services below!

Rob Ferre
Mobile Interactive DJ
Life of the Party Entertainment
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