Ericka + Braxton Engagement Story: Utah Bride Blog Reality Couple

Remember a few weeks back we introduced you to Ericka + Braxton, our UBB reality couple? Today we are sharing their engagement story! It is pretty darn cute and we are mostly going to let them take it away:

I am so excited to share my engagement story with all of you. It still feels like a dream! Last post I left off we had picked out a ring… I am not kidding when I say the anticipation of me not knowing when or where or how was AWFUL! The day we picked out the ring I immediately texted my best friend Kat and told her. She had wanted this to happen just as bad as I did because Braxton and her husband are best friends as well (how perfect is that). It was February 25th… one week had past and he didn’t pop the question. He liked to reassure me that he didn’t get the ring until March 6th since it had to be resized etc. Me being my gullible self believed him. I got great news that week that I was getting a promotion at work, obviously telling Braxton as soon as I found out. He responded saying he wanted to take me out that weekend to celebrate. Little did I know he had something SO much bigger planned!

March 4th came along and it seemed like just another day, he told me he wanted to show me some places that I hadn’t been before and then take me to the city for dinner to celebrate. Despite it being a day of normal events for us, I decided to spice up my outfit and throw on a dress and curl my hair (thank goodness!) He came and picked me up mid afternoon and we drove around to some random places. About 5 o’clock rolled around and he said okay I have one final place I want to show you. I was thinking oh thank gosh because I could probably eat a whole buffet twice right now. We pulled up to steed park softball fields, the place we first met. I’m sitting in the car thinking, “Huh there must be a something pretty hiding somewhere around here” totally oblivious to what was going on.

He says alright let’s go! We start walking over the hill as the sun is setting and I immediately start crying. He looks at me saying “no no don’t cry yet don’t cry yet” I’m thinking YA RIGHT! All I see is our family and friends sitting on the benches, beautiful flowers and candles leading us on a path to home plate. There is a giant heart surrounding home plate and there sat a chair with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and the ring we picked out together. I looked at the fence where our family and friends were sitting and it says Marry me in Christmas lights. As I looked back at him he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of all the people we love. Talk about perfect right? It gets better.

I had mentioned to Braxton that I knew one thing for sure; I wanted to have a videographer at our wedding. Well turns out that he contacted our mutual friend to come and video the whole engagement. Yes you read that right, I was so surprised and feeling so many emotions at that time I didn’t even realize that Alex was there filming it all! Now it all made sense why he told me not to cry right away. There honestly was nothing more special than being able to spend that moment not only with the man I love but our families and closest friends. That meant so much to me! The whole thing was more perfect than I could ever imagine. We spent the rest of the night celebrating with everyone.

Beings that the only family I had here at that time was my mom, I had a lot of people to tell! To be honest most of my family didn’t even know I was dating anyone. I am not going to lie I was pretty nervous to break the news. Where I come from it isn’t really the “norm” to meet someone and get engaged/married quickly. Most people date for years and then take about a year and a half to two years after getting engaged to get married. Mind you, Braxton and I had only been officially dating since the beginning of this year. Not only that, I have a LOT of protective siblings, aunts, uncles, you name it! I knew at that moment that nothing else even mattered, I was truly happy and I didn’t have a doubt in my mind about him being my soul mate. I told my immediate family and closest friends first. I decided to wait until the video was finished to tell my extended family. We both posted the video on Facebook, since that is the easiest way to break the news to everyone nowadays. The video took off! After receiving over 2500 views, (seriously I don’t even know that many people!) we would jokingly say, do we get to go on the Ellen show yet? On a more serious note, I really feel like the video showed our true love and happiness for each other to our family and friends that weren’t here to witness it. I was so relieved when we ended up getting such positive feedback from everyone. There truly is nothing better than being surrounded by love. It was no doubt, the most perfect day.