Fall Inspiration Shoot

Fall is one of my favorite times of year! Things start to cool down which means lots of cute sweaters and snuggling! I also love to watch the beautiful trees and landscape change colors. This collaboration inspiration shoot definitely makes me love the fall even more! Some amazing gals got together and created this amazing inspiration shoot with perfect detail! The line-up includes: Heather Bliss Photography, Flowers by Calie Rose Design Studio, Dress by Abigail Wright Designs, Hair by Cara Williams and lets not forget the gorgeous models, Laura & Nathan Prete. I’m just in love with every aspect of this shoot! Those flowers are incredible and I’m in LOVE with what Cara Williams did with Laura’s hair… are you kidding me! PERFECTION! Enjoy!


  1. Carol Guthrie says:

    Wow! What a professional photo shoot! Everything DOES look perfect! -Beautiful couple, by the way…

  2. Love the hair, love the flowers, love the photographer. Heather is one of my friends, and upon seeing the first image I thought “that looks like a Heather Bliss pic.” Well, I checked the credits and I was right! Gosh I’m good, gosh she’s good. Great work, Heather!

  3. Kate Ensign-Lewis says:

    Seriously beautiful. As others have said: hair (did anyone know that could be done?), flowers, dress, and especially photography are beautiful. (Another shout out to Heather Bliss–she’s incredible.) Love the colors in the picture with bride on gold couch (sans bouquet)–simple gold, green, and white–as well as the following photo of bouquet on couch. Mmm; fall colors. So delicious.

  4. Amelia says:

    I want that bouquet! It’s absolutely perfect! The hair! The dress! The photography! You ladies are what every bride needs! Seriously, there is some hot talent! Brides I bet you have to book way ahead for these ladies. Great job everyone!

  5. Ella Bella says:

    Yes I know… another comment about that amazing hair:) Fabulous! The whole shoot is stunningly gorgeous and the flowers are perfect Calie:)

  6. nmSU says:

    this is the coolest wedding! i seriously love the theme. so vintage, unique, beautiful! i really do love it! the band for the husband is so sweet! i love it!

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