Fashion Friday: 2014 Bridesmaid Trends

Today we thought we would take a look at what seems to be trending in the bridesmaid fashion arena! The ladies that stand by you often play a large part into your color scheme and theme therefor their fashion becomes an important element in pictures and the overall look of your big day! We have 5 fashion trends in this area to show you!

amanda wilcher photographersAmanda Wilcher Photographers

Color is quickly making a bold comeback! For the past few years we have seen a lot of neutrals, tone on tone colors, and soft pastels on bridesmaids, while that look may linger, color is also taking up a serious presence in current wedding color choices, leading to some bright bridesmaid dresses! Many brides are going for those jewel tones and others are just going bright, regardless of the season a punch of color can easily be found on some supporting ladies!

mi belle photographyMi Belle Photography

The one shoulder dress is a current trend in fashion in general and bridesmaid fashion is no exception! Many brides are choosing this look for their ladies with its ability to be slightly versatile and well suited for various shapes and sizes! This works on long, mid, or short length dresses and brings a little interest with an asymmetrical detail to all the photos as well!

sunkissed by jenniSunkissed by Jenni

Texture is also taking front stage when it comes to bridesmaids gowns and while the tone or color could be the same many brides want to see various textures on their ladies. This bride pulled off this look perfectly with multiple bridesmaid gowns that vary in texture and give personality to the lady wearing the gown as well as the pictures and the wedding! Think ruffles, lace, rosettes, and various types of fabric.

skyla walton photographySkyla Walton Photography

Bohemian is still very much in style for today’s weddings. That relaxed natural feeling is appealing to many of our local brides and its quiet lovely to send that feeling out beyond just the brides gown but into those bridesmaids dresses as well! Boho gowns tend to be on the lighter side of color and have a more earthy or natural look to them. Nothing wrong with that, brings a timeless-ness factor to a current trend!

jose villaJose Villa Photography

The short of it! A shorter length of bridesmaid dress is being seen more and more these days! Lets show off those legs! We have even noticed that gown racks at many local stores have more short length options than they did just a year or two ago! We love that it makes the bridesmaid gown a little bit more versatile for the maid wearing it, good for use down the road short little dresses make such a good party dress but a full length gown is not as easy to pull off at a party later at a non wedding related party. And lets face it, they are cute!

We hope you have enjoyed our Fashion Friday for this month and that you all have a great weekend! Enjoy! 


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