Fashion Friday: BHLDN’s Nomadic Angel

nomad 3

This post contains affiliate links to BHLDN, a source we find valuable to our local brides.

Fashion with international influence! This BHLDN beauty designed by Catherine Deane is in our current issue’s fashion feature shot by Travis J Photography at The Bungalow in Pleasant Grove. Deane’s designs are largely influenced by her nomadic lifestyle, born in Ireland, raised in South Africa, currently living in London this designer has a lot of international influence running through her fingertips!

This sleek satiny gown has just the right amount of flow in the skirt and a touch of romantic influence with the tucking of lace in the plunging neckline and panel in the back.

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Flavia with Versa Artistry was the artist behind all the H/MU on this shoot and she joins us with some thoughts on the bold color choices we used to accompany this model and gown.

Intense colors can be risky but they also can be a perfect statement. They work well for brides like our model here who clearly like bold colors and already are making a statement with hair color or otherwise. Be careful however where and how you place color as it can go very wrong fairly easy. The key is in dimension of color. Here a bold green tone hugs around the eyes and peeks out. Green pairs well with bronze and soft coral tones like used here on the cheeks and lips. 

For a bride who wears a ponytail often and is most comfortable in one a curl pattern can bring a little glamour and enhance the pony for just the right bridal look. Ponytails are not the most common bridal choice so even if you wear one often it an read unique on your wedding.