Fashion Friday: Bridal Headpieces With Danani

We are pretty pumped up about today’s amazing fashion Friday post! We have a very talented designer on today sharing with us advice on selecting a headpiece or veil and a look at some of her amazing pieces. Utah is lucky to have her here and UBB is excited to announce she will soon pop up on our preferred vendor list and be very accessible here at UBB. Thanks Dani for joining us today!

My name is Dani, I design and create all of the adornments at Danani. When I first started designing bridal pieces I thought I would always be stuck in a white box. I love color so much that white and ivory seemed uninspiring… which, by the way, is the opposite of what bridal fashion really is!  Your wedding day is the day to adorn yourself in everything you really love and maybe even bend the rules a little. So I challenged myself to focus on the silhouette of the piece I was creating and not the color.  I wanted to reinvent what we think of as a traditional veil or traditional headpiece and I started to design pieces that broke out of the white box.

Now what should you be thinking about as your start your hunt for the perfect headpiece or veil for your big day? Just like shopping for a dress there are a few things you’ll want to consider when shopping for your head-wear:

– How versatile do you want your piece to be? It might not have occurred to you before but it is possible to select something beautiful that you’ll be able to wear again or wear in multiple ways, perfect for maximizing your budget.

danani 1

 Combs are versatile and can be worn with your hair down, up, or in between. Always choose a wire comb instead of plastic and take your headpiece to your hair trial so you can experiment with ways of wearing it.

danani 2

 Selecting a piece that can be worn with a veil for the ceremony then switched to a headband for the reception or even a special occasion later is also a brilliant option.

– Is handmade really better than mass produced? Well, is it important to you to have a headpiece or veil that you haven’t seen at every wedding, maybe even something one of a kind?

danani 3

If so you’ll want to consider  whether your headpiece is mass produced or made-by-hand. It’s can be very rewarding to seek out an indie designer who offers limited edition pieces and custom made items. A lot of the time the price for quality manufactured pieces and quality made-by-hand pieces can be identical.

– Is a veil right for you?

danani 4danani 5

Veils are turning into unique statement pieces and the usual styles are finally getting a makeover! Safe and traditional are long gone as brides hunt for a veil that shows off their individual style at first glance.

– When will you know if the piece you’ve found is “the one”?

danani 6

I would say that if the word “perfect” even crosses your mind stop your search there. When you’ve found the perfect dress (or headpiece) you stop looking, you don’t go back to the boutique and start browsing again. Trust your gut and go with your first instinct, don’t over think it because you don’t want to regret choosing something else later!

Regardless of whether you choose a veil or headpiece or even nothing at all, what matters most is ensuring you feel comfortable and only wearing something that is perfectly you.


At this point your probably as blown away by Dani’s pieces as we are and will be rushing to her site to look into a custom purchase! So here is where to find her!

Dani Hagemeister
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DANANI | Handmade Adornments
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