Fashion Friday: Bridal Shoe Trends

There are so many fashion components to taking a walk down the aisle, and even more for the whole wedding shebang! We have focused our fashion Friday’s on various elements and often on the gown, but today we are focusing on that said walk down the aisle, and just how you are walking! The bridal shoe says almost as much about your wedding style as any other wedding component! A great bridal shoe is a must! Here are a few of our favorite bridal shoe trends!


Kukla Fashion


Lace, a timeless classic bridal gown fabric moves to foot! Be careful to either match the lace in your gown or accent your gown with lace shoes but beware of multiple lace patterns and styles that could clash. If your looking for just a touch of Lace this might be the right place!


alexandermcqueenAlexander McQueen


These perfectly “bow’d” shoes flow easily from the previous lace trend, where bows were also very present in the design. Valentino brought bows back with this beautiful bridal shoe and now they are all the rage in bridal fashion. We liked the soft nature of the Alexander McQueen ankle bow and a little color too!



jimmy chooJimmy Choo

Just like the lace took us right into the bows, the bling on those beautiful Valentino’s take us right into the next bridal shoe trend … bling. Be it glitter, diamonds, or metalic tones a little bit of bling is often just the right thing! You cannot go wrong with a pair of Louboutin’s or Jimmy Choo’s