Fashion Friday: Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

What is it they say about Utah and where we sit when it comes to fashion? Some say we are behind the times, but many of us feel otherwise! Including us at UBB. There are many people in creative industries here locally that sit at the forefront of current fashion, including some of our own store owning & running experts! Today Lenni from Lily & Iris joins us with a little insight into just one emerging bridesmaid gown trend! LACE


Even now, a month and more later, we’re still coming down off the high of the runway shows and designer meetings of New York Bridal Market. And now we are getting excited to get to share all those fun new trends and styles with our lovely brides and bridesmaids as new styles start arriving over the coming months.

One of our favorite trends for bridesmaids right now is so simple, it’s surprising that it’s just now coming to the forefront. You’ve probably noticed it (it’s big in fashion right now too): LACE.

We are loving everything lace. From Alencon to Chantilly, full lace gowns to chic cocktail dresses, even just lace accents, it’s all fabulous. And as the trend grows, we’re seeing more and more colors appear as well. We’ve got all the classics: ivory, black, blush, navy, and charcoal, but we’re seeing new, bolder colors too! Coral, emerald, burgundy, eggplant, and cobalt.


And one of our favorite things about lace dresses is just how wearable they are! Perfect for parties (both for the wedding, and afterwards), we bet there is a lace “bridesmaids” dress for every bride out there, too!

We already have great lace dresses in the shop, ready for you and your bridesmaids to fall in love with, but we’ll be getting even more so soon!