Fashion Friday: Winter Bridal Trends With The Brides Shop

Today for fashion Friday Alex at The Brides Shop is joining us with a darling look at why they love the colder seasons at their shop and some very bridal winter looks & trends!


Can we, here at The Brides’ Shop, let you in on a little secret of ours?
Fall and Winter are our favorite Seasons for Weddings.
If you are one of those Brides who are getting Married during this time of year and are wondering what’s Trending in the world of Bridal Fashion, here are a two tips.
1.  A hot Trend that has been on all of the Runways for 2015 are long sleeves. Whether you need sleeves or not, this style is a sure fire way to have that High Fashion look this season.
Every Designer that we have met with recently has at least one gown in their 2015 Collection that has longs sleeves.
It will give you that perfect Fall/Winter look and keep you warm in the process.
What’s not to love?
2. Still wanting that strapless gown, but don’t want to look out of place or freeze to death?
Well beautiful Brides, this is when it’s time to accessorize.
Nothing says glamour like a “fur” stole and it will keep you nice and toasty.
If you’re not loving the fur look, another beautiful way to stay warm is a caplet, especially when
it’s made out of a beautiful vintage lace pattern.
We love accessories because you can wear them for the Ceremony and remove them for the Reception for two completely different looks without having to buy two completely different gowns.
Do you want to know what’s really great about the Bridal Fashion Industry?
Really anything goes, so to be true to you and your style and you will look stunning no matter what you wear.
 Just make sure to stay warm by cozying up to your special someone.