Featured Utah Wedding {Maggie & Taylor}

Bring on Spring and bring on the fun colors! We are loving today’s Wedding Wednesday feature and all of the bright colors Maggie and Taylor used in their event! From the colorful flowers to the bold fabric streamers everything is just so charming and cheerful! Lindsey Orton did a fabulous job capturing the sweet details from this event! Probably our favorite detail is the pie table filled with different types of pies including pie pops! How cute and clever is that?!

Maggie shares a bit more about the inspiration behind the wedding design with us.

” I am a total free spirit, and hate not being myself. I have a very relaxed and quirky style, I am not fancy, I’m creative, and wanted my wedding to reflect that. I wanted to be true to who I was. I didn’t want to limit myself to just one color. So I chose them all. I had been inspired by different pictures, and luckily I have a mom who plans weddings. Most everything from my wedding was handmade, including my marquee sign {thanks dad}! And my ribbon canopy was made from Saris stripped down. We got really creative! Etsy literally became my best friend and I even got my 70’s dress from there, for a whopping $60! When you are planning a wedding and not wanting to spend an arm and a leg, like me, you just need to think creatively!”

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