Featured Wedding {Mckenzie + Mckay}

We are loving this spring feeling featured wedding shot by the talented Rebekah Westover! The soft and beautiful coral color palette has got us giddy for the spring! We are just smitten with all of the grooms bow tie and suspenders which fits the look and feel of this event perfectly! Have you heard of the new venue at This is The Place Heritage Park? It’s called The Garden Place and one of our new favorites! It has a beautiful rustic mountain lodge feeling right here in the city. It’s defiantly a place to consider when you are looking for the perfect venue for your wedding! Here is a bit more about how the lovely Mckenzie and Mckay met:


“McKay and I were called to serve in the same LDS mission in Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine. Because so few people are called to Ukraine and we lived in neighboring cities, we had heard of each other through the grapevine. One day we were both at the temple with our parents getting ready to go and we happened to finally meet when the temple workers pointed out that we were both going to the same mission. We became very excited to have somewhat of a friend to be going on the same exciting adventure but it turns out we only saw each other one time while serving. I returned home before McKay did but we started to send each other little letters and emails to see how things were. My mum always said that I’d have to go on a date with him when he returned home, but I’d always just roll my eyes and denied that of ever happening. Long story short, it happened one week after his return home. We went to dinner to discuss our mission experiences and practice our Russian with one another but one dinner date just wasn’t enough. We continued to hang out almost daily and found that we were talking less about the mission and more about each other. After a few short weeks, we both knew it was meant to be and were married not long thereafter.”

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