Fitness Friday: Beginning Your Bridal Body Journey

It is early in the year and this means fitness and health goals are usually on all of our minds, but especially if your a 2013 bride! We all know that you want to look your very best on your big day and while those new years resolutions are still fresh we thought we would bring Dawn Wessman back for a bit of fitness advice!

He popped the question.

Then this question popped into your mind: how do I start to get my body in shape for the big day? For my honeymoon?

Here are five principles to get you going on the path to bridal health and beauty:

1. Make your health a priority. Many women see taking care of their bodies as a luxury. Maybe the expensive yoga pants at the boutique are, but the time you invest into your health is a necessity for the rest of your life. A strong body and stellar eating program will give you these benefits:

  • Increased energy to plan the wedding
  • Clear thinking, deeper sleep, more stable emotions
  • Weight loss, increased immunity
  • Increased metabolism, greater self-confidence
  • Decreased anxiety and depression; courage for the honeymoon

2. Create a routine; when you fall, get back up. Successful health plans must be mindless- have set times, set classes, a set space in your home. Miss a day? No worries- just start again! Make this routine with your fiance- start a love affair of exercise and healthy eating together. It will draw you closer, is a lot of fun, and sets the state for a great future together.

3. Bridal nutrition is as, if not more, important that working out. Brides often focus on the weights and Zumba classes, but all the group exercise classes in the world will do nothing for you without a top-notch nutrition plan. Also, after the wedding many women are the principle cooks in the home. If you don’t want your hubby-to-be to pack on the pounds,  you must learn how to cook with fresh, live ingredients. Some great book recommendations are Eat to Live, The Skinny Rules, and Body for Life.

4. Do a “skill scan” and get the skills now. Sit down and make a list of the skills you need to get in shape and eat well. On the paper, across from each skill, write down where you can acquire the knowledge and skills. Some ideas: how to lift weights, do intervals, navigate a gym, find supportive bras, cook with raw foods, greens and beans, how to be more assertive, how to gain greater self-confidence, where to buy quality shoes, how to do the sport your fiance enjoys, etc. (This idea comes from the best book on personal change I’ve ever read called Change Anything.)

5. Get your support network going now! In Change Anything, the authors make a terrific point about friends and accomplices. Friends are those who support you in your goals- they hold you responsible, make  no excuses for you and cheer you on. Accomplices are those well-meaning girl friends who tell you to eat the cake, test every eclair…and derail you best efforts. You must surround yourself with friends-your fiance being the most vital. Ask them to hold you accountable and  to join you on your health journey. Tell your accomplices, even your maid of honor, that you need encouragement, not enabling.  Enlist your army both face to face and on the Internet.

Lastly, remember that your body is a gift and a joy. It will deepen your relationship with your fiance to do active, healthy things together. Take up hiking, racquetball  weightlifting, skiing–anything– as a couple. Make your dates gym dates or P90X at-home dates. It will bless your marriage for years to come.

We love having our fitness experts on so thanks Dawn! Find her expert advice and products here!
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