Fitness Friday: New Year Resolutions Gone Bridal

The corks have been popped, the horns blown, fireworks burst, confetti cleaned up, and the new year is defiantly upon us!  A new year is like a glamorized new day, it’s a new venture, a new chapter, a feeling of fresh starts.  January is also the most common month to begin wedding plans, could that be from holiday engagements? Or just when brides determine that now that their wedding year has arrived it is time to get at it? Either way if 2013 has you saying “I DO” then you might be setting some unique new years resolutions that will differ from years past and years to come! Today we thought it appropriate to share some resolution ideas and wish you the best of planning in 2013!

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Bridal Fitness – In 2012 we implemented a new variety of posts called fitness Friday, those posts are excellent sources for you brides with 2013 fitness goals, and don’t you worry we have more of that to come this year.  We even categorized this post under fitness, because we know that the nearly every woman in the US has at least one resolution that is fitness or weight related. This may be especially true for brides wanting to fit into and look their very best in that carefully selected gown! So we have three bits of fitness resolution ideas for you:

1. Be your best you! If you are hoping to slim down and make some physical changes before you walk down the aisle, be realistic about it. You are beautiful the way you are and clearly one special man feels likewise. So make sure that your goals aim you towards just being the best you, in your body! Put some thought into what the best you is and what realistic fitness goals are before you make them! This may not equate to a size two, embrace that and embrace you!

2. Find a physical activity to burn off some calories that you really enjoy! It might even be fun to try a variety of things to find that specific fitness niche. Once you find it, create a plan or schedule and be committed. Physical activity will do a good deal for your mind, spirit, and mood as well as your body! Try indoor cycling, rock climbing, paddle boarding, yoga, or maybe even keep it simple and go for a run if you haven’t in quiet some time.

3. Eat Clean! This may be harder than physical activity for many of you. Today’s modern world has us so busy and moving about in such a way that food preparation and food thought often doesn’t fit into the daily equation. Set aside some time to think about this and plan in advance, this will help you make better eating decisions. Or start by cutting just one “dirty” thing out, like soda. This one resolution may lead to a healthier bride and healthier you long term and may do more for you generally than any other fitness type goal.

We have a few more non-fitness related bridal resolutions for you to consider:

1. Get Organized! Everyone does this differently, it is not so much about how you do it but that you do it! You may have already heard or even begun to experience how stressful wedding planning can be, organization will minimize stress and reduce un-necessary bridal evils! There are numerous online or tangible planners and bridal guides available, one of these might come in handy! Make appointments with vendors ahead of time rather than calling at the last minute, and even make appointments with yourself to schedule time to work on wedding plans, more importantly keep those appointments!  If you love excel, start that guest list and other lists now! And our best tid bit of organizational advice, create or get yourself a wedding checklist. Doing this will help you stay focused on the task at hand and every check-mark will motivate you and help you feel accomplished!

{If you know that you cannot do this alone and or cannot be or stay organized, consider hiring a planner! We have a variety of excellent ones here in Utah!}

2. Set a Budget and Keep It! This is an especially important step prior to beginning the planning process. Know what you have to spend and where you want to spend it. Financial conversations can be difficult to have especially given difficult or blended family financial circumstances but do this up front! It will save you a lot of head and heartache and will keep you looking at affordable options for all wedding required facets! Once you have a budget, stick to it the best you can!

3. Relax! Enjoy the journey! This is an exciting time in your life and a memorable one too! Don’t fill it up with negative memories, work towards staying calm, relaxed, and stress free by enjoying each other and every day of your engagement. Make sure to utilize resources and friends to take a break now and then, or to take on a task for you. Take a few moments in each day to take care of you and take care of your soon to be spouse without talking or doing wedding related items.

Congrats on your engagement and upcoming 2013 wedding! We hope to provide you with some amazing inspiration and advice throughout the year and wish you all the best in the process!

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