Floral Friday: The Art of Pinning a Boutonniere

Recently a few suggestions came across my desk in regards to some educational floral posts that might be advantageous to those planning their weddings. We love suggestions here at UBB so thank you and keep them coming! One of those suggestions was “how to properly pin a boutonniere.” That being said I hope that if you intend to hire a florist that those services will include some assistance in regards to your bridal party pinning, {it should.} And in case your floral provider falls into some other category and things come about in a way that does not leave you with a professional to take care of this, lets talk about how to pin a boutonniere.

1. Hold the bout by the stem, not the blossom! Place the bout {this applies to a pin on corsage as well} at a slight angle on the lapel. approximately 3-4 inches in from the top LEFT shoulder, visualize what seems to scale on the individual. Also make sure the bout is evenly placed on the lapel before attempting to pin.

2. Your gonna actually need a strong bout or corsage pin at this point. Stick the pin into the fabric of the lapel near the bottom corner of the stem {either right or left which ever side seems most comfortable to you}, its advised to do this from the back of the lapel so you can now easily weave the pin out the front of the fabric and push it through on an angle.

3. When it comes back out the front, your thinking now what? This is the hard part right? Push the pin at an angle in a tight like manor over the top of the stem, stick the top of the pin back into the fabric on the other side of the pin. Make sure the length of the pin is laying across the stem firm and flat as to secure it to the lapel.

{The key? Not to pin through the stem, this can cause a pivot point that can result in breakage and or floppiness, neither of which are appealing. Even if you have a hardy stem ensemble putting a hole in the stem of the flower will decrease its longevity}

4. Make sure the tip of the pin is not poking the individual and is also not poking out of the lapel or it may poke someone else! Often times the tip of the pin can be weaved back into the lapel coming to a rest in between fabric layers.

There is of course more then one way to secure a bout or corsage to a person, this is just what I have found professionally to work best. We would love to hear other recommendations from our readers and vendors, so please feel free to leave a comment containing a tip. And for those that had no idea before … you do now!

Image credit: Falling Leaf Mt.


  1. janet says:

    I use a similar technique, up from behind the lapel on the right, through the back of the boutonniere stems, and back down through the lapel on the left – except I use two pins through the stems at slightly different levels and angles. The second pin prevents the boutonniere from rotating or wiggling. Everything’s hidden and nothing moves. If for some reason I can’t get through the stems, or I’m worried about breaking a stem, I catch the ribbon wrap with the pins.

  2. Oh thanks for this tidbit. Honestly I don’t believe I’ve had a florist stay & pin all those bout’s on the guys. The guy’s look at me for help & I’m like…UMMM….SORRY, but don’t ask me. I’m just the photographer & I don’t know how to pin these on!!!!!!

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