Flower Crowns

It’s flower friday and we are excited to look into flower crowns with the help of one of our preferred florists, Blossom Sweet. Take it away, Melissa!

tracy-hill-photographyHello UBB readers! I am excited to be able to share some of my work with you today. I’m not sure why exactly, but for some reason a seemingly high percentage of my clients request flower-crowns (also known as head-wreaths, headpieces, floral halos, etc.) as part of their floral design concepts. I am, of course, happy to oblige these requests.


There are so many different routes a bride can take with these pretty pieces. The overall aesthetic of the event along with the bride’s personal style will really determine the right path for the crown design. For example, the feminine and romantic bride with a garden-style event may choose a massive, over-sized design with full florals. Organic brides may be more minimal and request only foliage and perhaps a little pop of floral and filler. Contrast that with the traditional and sweet bride who could opt for a simple babies breath number, or the free-spirited bride who might choose a “wild-child” concept with lots of wispiness and an unruly vibe. As you can see from the photos in today’s post the options are abundant!

Now ‘What does a flower-crown cost?’ you may ask. It really depends on a few variables, including but not limited to: who creates it for you, what specific elements are included in the design, and the size/fullness of the piece. Keep in mind that head-wreaths often require a high level of very intricate work, so you are not only paying for product but for skilled labor and floral know-how as well.gideon-photography

alixann-loosle-photography-3Lastly, if a flower-crown seems like something you’d like to try but you’re not quite sure about wearing it on your big day, one option to consider would be to wear one just for your pre-wedding bridal portraits instead. That way, you’ll still get to have fun playing dress-up with one and get pretty pictures of yourself wearing it, but you can keep things a little more simplified on the day you say “I do.” Talk to your florist to decide what option would be the best fit for you.alixann-loosle-photography-2


Photo credits in order of appearance:

1. Tracy Hill Photography
2.  Tessa Barton Photography
3. Stephanie Sunderland Photography
4. Rebekah Westover Photography
5.  Ravenberg Photography
6.  Gideon Photography
7-9. Alixann Loosle Photography

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    Hey I could really use your help, I need a flower crown and I was wondering if there is any location in Utah where they sell them. Any suggestions?

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