Flower Friday: 1 Bouquet 2 Ways With Studio Stems

2015 will continue our monthly flower series with our favorite preferred florists here at UBB but this year we are spinning it a little and offering our artists some room to create and really show us their craft in unique, educational, and informative ways! Each month one of them will join us in a custom post just for UBB readers and we cannot wait to see what they bring to the screen! No doubt that these particular Friday’s will continue to be our favorites! Lindsey Orton Photography continues to capture these posts just for us!

Today Audrey with Studio Stems is joining us with a look at what it means to do one bouquet two ways!

I have actually been wanting to share an article regarding this topic for a while now so I am really excited that UBB is mixing things up and offering us the creative ability to bring you information and visual inspiration that will help you plan your wedding floral! You’re still getting a recipe from me this time around, actually you’re getting two! 

flower friday 1

These two bouquets look and feel similar which was entirely my point. I talk to so many brides that need to find a way to re-create a bouquet they love for less, or maybe they are just looking to do something less spendy for their pre-wedding bridal or groomal shoot so I thought UBB would be the perfect place to spin this into a post and show you how easily that can be done. One color scheme and style with specific flowers in mind create two bouquets, a spendy one that maybe is worth its weight on the big day and an alternate if your on a tight budget or looking for a shoot bouquet. This can easily be done with nearly any style, color palette, and bloom selection! 

flower Friday 2flower friday 4flower friday 3

The first version is obviously more floral heavy, it contains an English garden rose variety named ‘piano’ that takes a rich center stage and it’s bright contrast comes in the way of a traditional rose in a great shade of pink. Dark red dahlias deepen the density and freckled ivory ranunculus provide contrast to the dahlias. Red spray roses bring in a touch more red and are accompanied by a few ivory ones too! For a barely there touch of foliage in a unique way spiral eucalyptus was added, and a little bit of thistle adds a subtle cool tone and more intriguing texture. The fact that this bouquet is more floral heavy is only part of the reason it is more spendy, some of its cost are regarding the types of blooms used. While those garden roses are nearly always ideal they run a good deal more per stem than traditional roses. Ranucs also are in an upper class of blooms along with those dark rich dahlias. The quantity of bloom variety contributes as well. So what does the alternate entail ….

flower friday 5

flower friday 6flower friday 7

The alternate bouquet hosts several foliage varieties to add texture and also take up some space, here I used not only the spiral eucalyptus more abundantly but also a good deal of skimmia. The same pink roses grace this bouquet but instead of english garden roses more red spray roses were used, instead of dark dahlias leucadendron was used, and instead of ranunculus alstromeria was used. Thistle remained the same. This bouquet is around 35% less than the bouquet above. 

This could translate further into your wedding detail, if the similarity is close enough for you than maybe it is about using the more cost friendly options as centerpiece elements and the more costly version for important areas to you like your bouquet or a certain decor piece. This also could be a lesson in texture and simple a matter of style and taste and what appeals to you. 

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for having me UBB!