Flower Friday: Bouquet Recipe With Blooms & Blossoms

IMG_2045It is our favorite Friday of the month once again! And we are pleased to have Kelli from Blooms & Blossoms on today sharing this gorg fall bouquet recipe and some fall floral insight. We also want to send a big shout out and thank you to our resident recipe photog Lindsey Orton, she always does such an amazing job! bloomsandblossoms1IMG_1992

I always look forward to Flower Recipe Friday. It’s fun to see what goes into each arrangement and how different each style is.

This bouquet was designed for a beautiful bride on a beautiful fall day. Her colors were simple. Burgundy and ivory accented with greenery.

Although her colors were simple we added a lot of texture and detail to the bouquet with the flower selections.  You don’t need several types of flowers to achieve a bouquet full of life and texture. This bouquet in particular proves that point. We only used 3 types of flowers and an assortment of greens.

We wanted to bring more detail to this bouquet and decided to do that through the ribbon. The way you tie a bouquet can have a big impact of the overall feel and look of the design. To make this bouquet feel a bit more seasonal we added lots of ribbon in gold, brown and burgundy.

We loved how complimentary the groom’s boutonniere was to the bride’s bouquet. Since we didn’t use very many types of flowers for the bouquet we were able to use almost all of them in the boutonniere. 




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