Flower Friday: Buttonhole vs. Stem Boutonnieres

After our great fashion post by Tanner at Masculine Style the other day {a must read} we got to thinking about Tanner’s boutonniere advice and could not help but do some of our own research leading us to share with you a little boutonniere post for today’s flower Friday, buttonhole boutonniere vs. what we more commonly see these days. Tanner’s advice on the buttonhole was spot on in regards to the proper wearing of the boutonniere, that is the boutonniere that was always meant to be a groomed fashion statement. Take Cary Grant for example … he wore it proper! The buttonhole bout is a throw back to times gone by, but who says we shouldn’t embrace the proper?! After all, our latest obsessions have been of a vintage nature. Take Downtown Abbey for example, or that with a mere google search we came across multiple sites dedicated to more proper manhood like “The Art Of Manliness” whom even wrote a blog post on this very topic! We seem to be trending towards a serious¬†obsession¬†with the past and all things proper. So perhaps you should consider the buttonhole. Not on fire yet, good buttonhole bouts are hard to find via image surfing but you should know as shown above that a good suit has a buttonhole just for this purpose and on the flip side, a thread to hold the stem in place! This is what we would call a ‘betweener” inserted into the buttonhole and properly placed and pinned this bout almost looks like a buttonhole but has a bit of stem showing too! Or maybe that finished detail around the bout stem is truly appealing to you and the more modern tradition of boutonniere wearing is the way to go?! One cannot deny that sometimes a little detail or two goes a long way against a great suit or tux! This particular route provides an avenue for a bit more variety in scale, texture, and detail. Hard to resist, perhaps that is why what was the boutonniere has now evolved. So in the end it …. in our opinion …. it does not come down to a right or wrong way, really either way is fab! It’s a personal preference!

Have a great weekend!

Image Credits: The Art of Manliness . Denise Fasanello Floral Design . Gentlemans Gazette . La Fleur . Once Wed . The knot . Wedding Wire . Sweetest Occasion

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