Flower Friday: Centerpiece Recipe With Studio Stems

4F8A5478It’s our favorite Friday of the month …. recipe day! Today Audrey with Studio Stems joins us with a look at a beautiful centerpiece with a seasonal favorite and some intriguing color!

Its a great privilege to be part of Utah Bride Blog, the opportunity to share a recipe and some floral thoughts with you a few times a year is always a highlight at my studio. I am grateful for the gift I have been given to create, I have immense respect for the fresh medium I have honed my talents with. I created this piece for the recipe today with that spirit of gratitude and the roots of my talents infused into simple focus on just one creation.

It is often convenient to coincide a recipe with another project or even a wedding  but the last few times my turn has come to the table my life has been in stages that are quieter than usual in respect to design and louder than usual in respect to life, so with this recipe opportunity I wanted to use some of that quiet design time to focus on the blooms and one singular piece. I perused through one of my local suppliers coolers and allowed the blooms to speak to me …. think little girl looking for a puppy but this time big girl looking for just the right blooms for the day. I brought back to the studio with me these:


Peony season is in swing and it is arguably hard for any bloom loving soul to resist peonies. Slightly out of the box I went with the buckeye bell, a color a little contradictory to our current spring season and color trends. I have always been drawn to rich tones with a lot of depth so there I was …. puppy found. I wanted to keep the piece bright though so I needed some contrast and these yellow spray roses fit the bill and also offered something a bit out of the current box in way of color. Complimented by a touch of light yellow stock, queen Anne’s lace, and eucalyptus all the mediums were found. 

studio stems UBB flower recipe May4F8A5487

I went about finding just the right little vessel the same way … except this time I perused my own inventory and settled in on this little gold metal urn. And then I let my creative soul speak as I spent just a few minutes of complete focused and quiet time creating art with flowers. 


Thanks Audrey for joining us! Be sure to follow Studio Stems on all their social media platforms as they will be launching a new site and be giving some generous giveaways very soon!