Flower Friday: Deep Autumn Floral

Today Erika Eddington joins us with a look at some floral work she did last fall, deep into the fall. There is something so warm about the cold nature of this time of year. It leaves us all intrigued. The tree’s die off and hibernate for the winter, while we wrap up in warm clothes and in this case deep rich fall floral. Erika sends us off for the weekend with her thoughts on these floral creations:

I am such a sucker for anything fall. I don’t know if it’s the muted tones or the moody atmosphere. Something about it inspires me and gets my creative wheels turning, as I’m sure it does for you. And there’s nothing like Autumn in Utah. My first instinct when fall comes around is to head to the mountains. Of course! The week before the photo shoot, I was going driving down by the lake in the late afternoon. As I was driving I happened upon a road canopied with trees and I couldn’t get the image out of my head. So I did the unthinkable and abandoned the mountains. It couldn’t have turned out more perfect!

I firmly believe that bouquets should always look natural and effortless. I used figs, birchbark, pepper berry, astilbe, copper beech, ranunculus, creamy roses, brunia,  and dusty miller to create a very subdued look. Annie was such a sweet model and her eyes stole the show!

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