Flower Friday: Drawing From Holiday Inspiration

We are in the thick of the holiday season and like many of you, we here at UBB love the holidays! Fabulous decor surrounds us everywhere we seem to go! Many of you know we love details so we can’t help but be taken away by the glamour and glitz this time of year brings! I was thinking about where we draw inspiration from as wedding industry pro’s and couldn’t help but reflect on how the planning, designing, and details surrounding the act of holiday celebration mimics that of a wedding celebration!

So today for you planning brides, I send you off into the holiday splendor that the weekend might bring and encourage you to look for similarities and draw some inspiration from all the decor, floral, and detail like elements that surround you this time of year.

Image courtesy of:  Williams Sonoma . Desi Bayton Photography/Vera Wang weddings

Here we have two tables by which its occupants would celebrate and most likely on both occasions with close family and friends.  Multiple facets, details, and elements have been thought of in the setting of both of these glamorous tables! They could be far apart in season but not far apart in purpose and so each plays off of the other, possibly providing inspiration crossing purposes.

Image courtesy of: Midwest living . Gresham Photography/Maison De fleur

The wreath is synonymous with Christmas floral decor, outside of the Grecian wreath this typically circular decor has served holiday purposes for centuries. It seems to have crossed over into the wedding world! Wreaths are often a festive ceremonial decor at the church or alter or what have you … even the chairs!

Image courtesy of: Christa Elyce Photography

Then we have the centerpiece, or any fresh floral decor! Given the holiday season or nuptials, most people find some fresh blooms and organic elements especially desirable! The format is not that far off either, foundations like various vessels and containers really are transferable through these two themes.

Image courtesy of: Indulgy . Polyvore

Maybe your taking a walk through downtown shops, spending some time on the slopes in a carefully decor-ed lodge, or attending a holiday gathering, look around you inspiration is more than plentiful this time of year!