flower friday: educational tips w/andi saxton


How To Get More For Your Money

I think we can all agree that flowers can enhance any event, especially your wedding. Flowers can soften harsh edges, portray a specific color scheme, and make your event smell fabulous. To make your flowers go farther, follow these few tips.

1.    Choose flowers that are in season. Flowers are grown all over the world and have different growing seasons in each area. To get more for your money, you should choose flowers that are in season in your area. Don’t get your heart set on lily of the valley in the winter, because chances are you will pay a fortune to have them shipped to your florist.

2.    Focus on “POINTS OF IMPACT.” Points of impact, as I call them, are the areas of your reception that will stand out and be noticed by the guests (book table, backdrop, altar, cake, etc). Put more money into these few areas than into decorating every square inch of your venue.  An entrance piece (or book piece) marks the whole feel for your reception, so bulk up in this area as well.

3.    Alternate centerpieces. You can make your centerpieces seem more expensive if you alternate large, tall centerpieces with shorter, less expensive ones. It gives the image that you spent more on your centerpieces than you really did. It also will add dimension and texture to your venue.

4.    Recycle your ceremony flowers. Flowers that are on display for your ceremony should have a place at the reception. You can do larger altar pieces that can find a home on the buffet table or book table at your reception.

Remember that less CAN be more, with careful and strategic planning. Hiring an event planner and/or designer can help you achieve your goals, often saving you in overall expense and time.

All images and floral design courtesy of: andi saxton events! thanks andi for sharing with us!

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