Flower Friday: Fall Blooms & Foliage

Fall is such a magical time of year, even the smell in the air is like no other time here in Utah and it also seems to be a time where people yearn to get a little crafty, work some decor or design magic of their own, or for a lucky bunch, say I do! Today we send you off on this wet and early autumn Friday with an introduction to some of the floral worlds favorite fall picks! Maybe a bloom or two to ask your florist about if your planning a fall wedding or something to look for when your out and about looking for the perfect flower or foliage for your harvest gathering!

footballmumubbThis is a football mum, and while its widely available all year long this particular bronze breed is especially perfect for fall events! The largest in the mum family it also makes an impact and provides a good amount of space fill in a single bloom! They are relatively hardy and with no center button they usually are mistaken for another bloom family entirely. In the end its the color that makes these so perfect for the fall, its hard to get over how gorgeous they are!

ubb chinese lanternThe Chinese Lantern, also widely known for its rich orange color is also known for its texture and unique shape, a welcome addition to any fall arrangement. This bloom actually looks almost as good dried as it does fresh, making it quiet versatile! Primarily an ornamental plant this unique orange dream is actually a fruit plant, those lanterns shelter a little tiny fruit! That tiny fruit is usually used for medicinal reasons rather than for eating! Check out this mono arrangement of all Chinese Lanterns on the left, standing so well on its own and would look gorgeous at any Utah fall wedding!

pin oak ubbLeafs are beginning that change, it may not seem abundant down in the valley but head to the mountains and color will be imminent! Oak varieties are among the most popular for their vibrant rich tones and colors. This is a pin oak, a variety often used by florists in fall arrangements. Fall is a unique time in which leafing or foliage becomes closer to a bloom accent because of its color, oaks could almost be called hybrids this time of year!

SONY DSCDahlias, like the football mum, are actually available during other seasons of the year but seem to be especially popular in the fall months. Again perhaps because of their choice fall color varieties or maybe it is also because of their texture and its appeal to other fall shapes and textures. They have a unique and intricate petal pattern caused by their 8 chromosome DNA structure, whereas most other flowers have only 2!

tomato eggplantAnd last but not least we end on our most favorite organic fall element, who can resist little tiny itty bitty pumpkins on branches?! This is actually a tomato variety commonly known as the tomato eggplant. These little pumpkin shaped fruits are edible but maybe not as flavorful as one might hope, so like the Chinese lantern often used for ornamental purposes only. They come in a variety of tones based on stages of ripeness and add the perfect element to many fall floral-scapes! We love this Better Homes & Gardens mantle staged with Russian Olive, fall pears, and of course some tomato eggplant!

Now that you have been introduced, go and create a beautiful wedding or event with a few of our favorite fall floral varieties! Have a great weekend!

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  1. andi says:

    Ahhh thank you for this post! I’ve been searching for some good fall-type flowers and i’m so in LOVE with the dahlias and Chinese Lanterns! Such a great idea!

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